McDonalds increase prices AGAIN!

Post by Mark

i\'m hatin\' itA few days ago I posted about how Hardees recently increased their prices well today I passed by McDonalds for breakfast and it turns out they just increased their prices as well! The thing is this is the second time they increase their prices. I posted about their first price increase last July when the majority of their combos had their price increase by 50fils. Well they just did it again but this time by 100fils. Even the breakfast menu got effected this time with the regular breakfast combo now costing 850fils compared to the 700fils it used to cost before.

So I picked up my breakfast combo and drove off thinking about how these price increases suck when I stuck my hand in the bag and realized they forgot to give me my hashbrowns! So not only did I pay 150fils extra compared to what I used to pay but they also forgot my hashbrown. Luckily I had their phone number stored on my phone so I called them up to complain. They apologized and told me I could pass by again for the hashbrown, I told them I was on my way to work but it wasn’t a problem, I just didn’t want it to happen again.

Nice way to start a morning..

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  1. TwaiF says:

    150Fils x 365days = 54.750 EXTRA KD to pay every YEAR FOR MC! OMG:P

  2. Yep!. This happened to me just this friday when I went for breakfast with my son. They charged me 200 fils extra, and I thought they had made a mistake, as they price list has not been changed. They told me the same thing.
    BTW, MacDonald’s Shuwaikh is the worst in fulfilling orders. They ALWAYS have to make mistakes. Now when we pick up anything from the drive-by, my wife opens everything to make sure they have put everything.
    TwainF, what the heck are you doing eating Macdonald’s every day ?. Don’t you know it is bad for you ? Have you not seen the movie “Supersize Me” !!! :)

  3. Purgatory72 says:

    always check your bag before leaving

  4. TwaiF says:

    i have seen it , i dont eat Mc everyday but iam sure MARK does:p

  5. Mark says:

    i USED to eat McDonalds every day. Now its like once a month.. (Breakfast is different, i have that like twice a week)

  6. Swair says:

    that sucks :/ i like McD’s..

  7. Aqib says:

    That sucks! They keep incresing prices all the time! Stupid company!

  8. fractal00 says:

    I love my 2 double cheeseburger large coke large fries meal for KD 1.500 …. Damn you Mcdonald …. Btw … i dun get it … Fastfood joints usually decrease prices to encouurage people to go to them, and MC isn’t lacking in customers, why the heck are they increasing prices …??

  9. Pearls says:

    If I take the drive-thru on busy days I always end up with somebody else’s food. You should try out Burger King’s breakfast instead, it’s not bad.

  10. Anon says:

    Perhaps its inflation thats affecting the cost of their inputs…

    Perhaps demand is extremely strong and so they feel that by increasing the prices they will make more money off of the customers that arent turned off…

    I dont think they will be isolating too many people, as fast food such as BK Mc D’s remains affordable to most. Depends on the demographics of their customers… i wonder what the average income of a customer is…

    I dont think the workers or hired help constitute much of their customer base, probably fat kuwaiti kids moreso

  11. Carlsb3rg says:

    I usually trust MC and Burger King when they give me the bag. But I always check the contents with KFC and Hardee’s.

    Anyway, there’s always shar3 elma6a3m or your local near by restaurant. A meal costs 950 fils in shar3 elma6a3im.

  12. Moey says:

    i miss share3 el mata3im

  13. mishref says:

    Since I came to dublin I didn’t try any of the fast food companies out here. I do my own breakfast and have it on my way to work at the bus. What’s so hard with a cup of coffee and a cheese sandwich ? ;P

  14. Dudester says:

    The hasbrown screwup – happened to me twice, and once, instead of B/fast combo – they gave me pan cakes (w/o the syrup of course)! And it happened at the same branch – Shuwaikh. The babe in-charge is so angelic, you dont have the heart to berate her.

  15. Dudester says:

    BTW – while we are still on the topic of price changes – the only fast-food joints who haven’t jumped the wagon (so far): Little Ceasar’s & Naif Chicken.

  16. Mark says:

    Burger King I think also havent increased their prices. They used to be the most expensive but now they are cheaper or similar in price to mcdonalds

  17. someone pissed off. says:

    It happened to me last week, an extra 150 fils, thats ridiculas, imagine that for a few years, a breakfastst that once cost 700 fils will one day in near future cost 1.5kd.
    Where’s the the ministry of tijara, didnt they announce that these type of things should be reported?? someone should complain.

  18. daz says:

    i luv maccy ds =0)

  19. Tom says:

    I’m frustrated with McDonald’s price increases. I used to be able to get a double cheeseburger for $1 but McD’s decided to take a slice of cheese off of that, call it the McDouble, and price it at $1. In other words, the value has decreased — you get less for the same price. Prices on (at least) the Big Mac and Quarter Pounder w/cheese have also increased in the past year: a year ago they were both about $2.60 in Nashville and now they’re both priced at $3.09. That’s nearly a 20% price hike. As a result I almost never go to McDonald’s anymore — Burger King and Taco Bell both, as a result of McDonald’s price increases, offer better value.

    When McD’s advertises the McDouble I yell at my TV: “Rip-off! What happened to the second slice of cheese?!”


  20. tired if trickery! says:

    Sorry, but Mickey D’s & the Burger King have priced themselves to high for me! Pay attention people — portion sixes are smaller and prices are increasing?? Do one or the other! but when you do both, you lose me as a customer and I won’t ever be back!

    We are getting raises, so why should we have to hear that your people are getting raises and your execs too? POOR company policy’s and I’m NOT paying for your POOR choices!

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