Nightclubs and Bars in Kuwait

Post by Mark

A reader sent me a link to a travel guide about Kuwait which I thought was a bit… strange. Here is the interesting piece which talks about the nightlife:

Well, you may not find any trace of Arabian Nights while visiting Kuwait, however, Nightlife in Kuwait has its own charm to add a different kind of flavor to your vacation at this small constitutional monarchy on the coast of the Persian Gulf. Nightlife in this city does not only mean Nightclubs and Bars in Kuwait, but also stands for lots of other Things to Do in Kuwait.

At the nightclubs and bars in this city, you may find the lack of alcoholic drinks. However, that will not affect by any means the tourists’ entertainment since the staff is specially selected to meet the extreme need for Nightlife in Kuwait. Visit clubs and find there provocative-futuristic style! But it’s true that sometimes the drinks become even more exotic when served by the European ladies-staff.

Nightlife in Kuwait also offers you a royal smoking experience with hubble-bubble available in bars. The smoke is drawn through a syrupy fruity mixture of flavors into a water bowl filled with cold lemon flavored water which cools the smoke before entering the pipe you draw on. Enjoy life in the form of Nightlife in Kuwait. Experience a relaxing atmosphere at any one of the nightclubs.

Nightlife in Kuwait also includes shopping and modest people watching. However, one of the best ways to enjoy the night is having a stroll along the seashore which is moonlit and converting the white sands into silvery in color. For ladies, malls, beaches and restaurants are the options; however, it is advisable not to stay outside after 10 pm without any companions.

In fact, at midnight tourists may enjoy car race by local people in Jahra Road. Besides, you can also go for camping or join the desert gathering tent with local people (Duwaniya).

Enjoy the Nightlife in Kuwait!

Does anyone else see a few issues with this article? Here is the link to the source. [Link]

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70 comments, add your own...

  1. cajie says:

    Yup…spot on. Nothing strange here.
    That’s the Kuwait night life that I know of.

  2. The Kuwaiti Godfather says:

    Night clubs in Kuwait?

  3. gilly says:

    Haha, I liked the car racing bit. They advise them not to stay out past 10pm yet it’s totally cool to watch illegal car races.

  4. Hielda says:

    Huh ??!!!!!!

  5. He’s being sarcastic…?

  6. Mark says:

    either that or we’re just not getting invited to the right parties

  7. zaitsev says:

    correction: It’s the coast of the “ARABIAN” Gulf

  8. mobi says:

    TO KUWAIT!!!– oh.. wait..

  9. Khalid says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with this write up. Thats exactly the Kuwait I know.

  10. Nirvana says:

    wait…the kuwait u know has bars & nite clubs and “interisting” nite life? c’mon! :D thank god for marina & avenues and soon 360! :D no other means of entertainemt here! but we still like it

  11. Ramez says:

    European ladies-staff. … LOL

  12. Rob says:

    Below the original article, there’s a link to an article called nightclubs-and-bars-in-kuwait. It is almost the same content, but even stranger. It talkes about clubs serving nice wines….

  13. Desert_Doc says:

    All these years I have missed out…who knew? Maybe in the next article he can draw us a map.

  14. Topagi says:

    @zaitsev, Arabian Gulf, nice one haha, u made my day ^_^ .

  15. af says:

    10 pm for girls..LOOL was this written in 1992

  16. YaCCo says:

    Well… been here for more than 3 years. I’ve really missed something really important. The only bars I’ve seen have been more or less ‘private’ bars. Night Clubs?? Tell me where can I find even one of them, I’ll visit there tomorrow :)

    Car races on Jahra Road? How about races on 30, Gulf Road etc… Why have they missed those ones? Why should you travel too far to see that fun.

    Eagerly waiting for NC locations…

  17. YaCCo says:

    GameWorks and Johnny Carino’s in Night Clubs and Bars category.

    Yeah, right… Then I guess Shalaweet is 5 Michelin star restaurant, right? Not underestimating Shalaweet, great food, great staff, great prices, but…

  18. .grg says:

    i dunno what is more disturbing, his continued use of Nightlife in caps in the middle of a sentence (makes you think its computer generated!!) or that fact that it considers shopping Nightlife or the fact that this whole article is about something that is non-existent in Kuwait.

  19. Noorah says:

    actually, it is the Persian Gulf. secondly, i have never in my life heard of bars or nightclubs in kuwait. there might be some underground ones, but i highly doubt they are extravagant. i think its better that there are none, seeing that kuwait is really small (not trying to imply anything bad by that, its my country and i love it to pieces) and having nightclubs will cause corruption and take away the culture and safety of this country. There might not be a lot to do in the night, but what is available is extremely enjoyable. There is always something new at the malls, and that includes new people as well. There are other things to do besides the mall such as the scientific center, going to bide3, spending time with friends, etc… you have to make your own fun in kuwait, which is exciting and allows you to be creative. for the guys there are dewaniyas, and girls have hangouts. the desert is always fun to go to, and the chalets are always there. there are so many things to do in kuwait, you just have to open your mind and think. there are bazars in the winter, and embassies are always throwing parties, if you know the right people, you too can get invited. my mother is a non-kuwaiti and she is always getting invites to all these fun places which a lot of kuwaitis do attend as well. living in kuwait, you have to be creative. i agree its no los angeles or new york, but why would you want it to be? it would take away the fun of traveling, and you always want your homeland to be safe and have a lot of culture instilled in it.

  20. Spike says:

    3 nightclubs in Shaab owned by…

  21. Amgad says:

    there are actually nightclubs in kuwait, but like deep into the desert, near the border and stuff. i think this article is about it:P

  22. ARABIAN GULF says:


  23. 3azeez says:

    written in poor english. not a real article. it failed to mention a single name of a night club. it said there is no alcohol even though we know very well alcohol is widely available among those who enjoy ‘night life’ ;/

  24. Kiki says:

    nightlife doesn’t exist in kuwait

  25. safi says:

    my “haha” comment didn’t get through…

  26. viewer says:

    how come he did not mention the countless strip clubs on gulf road and the gambeling industry thriving along the Ahmadi road ?

  27. Deepthroath says:

    There is nightclubs . not many can enter

  28. SNO says:


    Comment #18 gets the trophy

  29. SNO says:

    This article is a gem

    “seashore, which is moonlit”
    Only in Kuwait is our seashore moonlit

    Nightlife in the form of “modest people watching”

    Tourists “attending” midnight car racing


  30. BlackBarook says:

    “Does anyone else see a few issues with this article?”

    You mean other than the horrible writing that makes you want to poke your eyes out with a spork? Or could it be the description of Kuwait’s nightlife? Either there was a mix-up or there’s some portal to a parallel universe.

  31. Ok guys let’s come to the definition of night club:

    “..A nightclub (or night club or club) is a drinking, dancing and entertainment venue which does its primary business after dark. People who frequent nightclubs are known as clubbers. A nightclub is usually distinguished from bars, pubs or taverns by the inclusion of a dance floor and a DJ booth, where a DJ plays recorded dance and pop music…”

    Is there anything included in this definition which is happening here in Kuwait !!???

    • DJ REME says:

      LoooL Good one :)

      I’ll be visiting Kuwait next week, and so far I’m disappointed from what was written about Nightclubs !!!!

      Actually dunno why I’m going there anyway!!!

      I like Kuwait,,, thats all.

  32. Holla says:

    You mean you guys never been to the exclusive La Playa club on the gulf road? That place is HOT! my fav night is mardi gras phat tuesdays with butt buddies DJ SCAR/DJ NEGRO spinning RnB/Akon/techno/m3alaya mix and free drinks/no cover for ladies if they SHOW THEIR FACE!!!

    Just mention to the bouncers you know me Holla and they will let you skip the line and enter the VVIP room with 2 free beebsi tickets and a tube of Patex glue.

  33. Eporue says:

    Yeah, I have a slight issue,

    No one told me that the Phillipines is part of Europe now.

  34. Q80BOY says:

    sarcasm at its best :P

  35. UmmeKulsum says:

    Sarcasm at its best

  36. Sounds like a bad translation to me!

  37. Suleiman says:

    Sounds like satire to me.

    Now where do find these ‘sporks’ BlackBarook? I have some eye gouging to do.

  38. Al-Yamamah says:

    Night life in Kuwait…. Ya right !

  39. bu shabab says:

    ladies its advisable not to stay outside after 10 pm without any companions.

    In fact, at midnight tourists may enjoy car race by local people

    aahhahah jahraa ahahha modest ppl watching (starinig)ahhahahah mussskharaaa .. Nightlife in Kuwait also offers you a royal smoking experience with hubble-bubble ahahahha thats kuwait for ya… omg im so kool i wear yellow shoes to match my shirt .. .ahahahha ay shayy .

  40. Security Adviser says: about false representation.. I woonder how much TEC must have paid the guy who wrote this ;p)

  41. geov says:

    Has this guy ever been to Kuwait at least transited even?

  42. BastardKiller says:

    2 night clubs in kuwait, but its a secret for tsktsktsk been there for 4yrs now =)

  43. sunShine says:

    LMAO @ #27 viewer!
    yeah, heard of a lot of ‘underground’ clubs, never been to one. but alcohol not being available at those…hmmm not so sure.

    “Visit clubs and find there provocative-futuristic style!” WTF!? hahaha.

  44. Exile says:

    That was hilarious…the article..the comments…what a good laugh. Images from Alice in Wonder Land was popping in my mind as I was reading…

  45. L says:

    Probably the assistant of an MP wrote it so they could talk about more BS in the parliament, “stop the nightclubs! stop the bars!” here is proof read this article it says we have “provocative-futuristic style” clubs

  46. laila says:

    I bet that this was an essay for a class and the topic was “write something imaginary about kuwait.”

  47. Vanessa says:

    LOL @ Laila. you’re probably right, that’s one heck of an imagination.LOL

  48. ariston says:

    who needs nightclub when there’s a lot of private parties… :D

    btw, if smoking sisha with syrupy flavours while drinking redbull are consider as part of nightlife, so be it… :P

  49. seouldout says:

    I too wants to enjoying the Nightlifes. Happy to you for introduce to me. I booking my holiday now.

    Bravo your Nightlifes.

  50. Mannie says:

    Wow, really tries and FAILS to paint a truthful and accurate picture of the nightlife here. All except the don’t stay out passed 10pm comment was a huge stretch. Nice attempt though.

    #20 says “having nightclubs will cause corruption and take away the culture and safety of this country”

    per captia the driving alone here cause more deaths then that of the state of Texas and Texas is almost what 3 times as big as Kuwait. And this thing warns you to not stay out passed 10pm. Yeah real safe here.

  51. qadsia says:

    @ holla
    Where exactly is it on the gulf road?

  52. joe says:

    Actually kuwaitis dont have the money to invest in Bars and night clubs,
    Secondly they do enjoy all thsi facilities by just crossing the sea, to bahrain or dubai. Tickets at any cost are cheap to them , so they can travel anytime without prior plans.
    End of the day they can say , they want to preserve the beauty of this country? which is what ? Go knows .

  53. Mannie says:

    #55 Kuwaitis don’t have money???? I mean really All of this money this nation has and look what they have… The worlds best…ummm….. The worlds greatest….. huhhhh…. well they have nice cars, lol Truth be told some how some way there is an outlook that without things like a night club and bars this country will keep a wholesome image. But like this article, one can easily see that this is far from being true. Plus lets just face it the way the roads are here if you brought in an active nightlife and bars, it would move from number 3 on the charts to 1.

  54. Noorah says:

    Joe, if you have a problem with this country, then you are free to leave at any time, nothing or no one is holding you back. If this country to you is ugly or boring then why are you staying? Is it because of the money? I bet it is because of the money, which is all you guys care about. So as long as your being paid with OUR governments money, keep your opinions to yourself. Like you said, Kuwait does have a lot of accidents, so why add onto them with nightclubs and drunks?

  55. Mimz says:

    Yes Noorah, they come here for the money, not for the intellectual & cultural attractions that they fail to notice if alcohol is not present, and then have the nerve tell us how to run our country in a mocking, sarcastic, cynical way.
    You can always go to Dubai or Bahrain, they’ll tolerate your attitude and still allow you to work there, yes,,,i’m being sarcastic

  56. Noorah says:

    Mimz, if you read it carefully you would have seen that he said its ugly, so go ahead and tell me that he came here for the intellectual and cultural attractions after he said its ugly fa lat titfelsef

  57. Haterhaute says:

    lol – 35 and I are on the same brainwave..

    I luvs teh plentiful hubble-bubble in Kuwait, haha..

    and 55 is ridic.. They don’t have money?!? Do you even live here? Sitting on 10% of the world’s oil and not a fil to spare, I’m so sure lolol

  58. Mannie says:

    #58 Mimz, do you think that that is somewhat backwards, in reference to your go to Dubai or Bahrain comment. I already feel that people from other countries frown upon the fact that it is normal to see a person from this region in another country to live or enjoy a lifestyle that this country refuses to present. I don’t want to open up a new path for an argument to walk down but I mean really go to another country??? That comment really doesn’t help your argument, IMO.

    Those here for money…

    Of course people are here to make money; I am sure that if it weren’t for the black gold that is here in Kuwait, there would be nothing here worth coming to. Let’s face it the tourist appeal isn’t that high. If you want to dwell on the intellectual and cultural presence here then to most people that aren’t from here they seen none. I mean what is really marketable that makes one say, “Hey that’s from Kuwait!” Oil that’s it! Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble but it is true and blame it on your leaders. This country would rather build a new mall than expand on something that enhances your cultural worth. And that brings me back to the money thing to say people only come here for money is true, but one of the main reasons Kuwait is her is because of money, if you had no oil, it would be a bit of a different story on those who come here and those who are born here, IMO.

    Kuwait is ugly…..

    It is, I know this may seem offensive and like a cold hearted thing to say but it is. I have been around the world and it just is by far the ugliest country I have seen so far. After what I have seen happen to Abu Dhabi and how they have improved their appearance, Kuwait has left me wondering why it can’t do the same. But let’s not focus on just appearance let’s look on the inside as well. For the most part this country while claiming to be one of the most religious in 2007 was 3rd in the world in car deaths. What does this have to do with being ugly??? Most religions practice patience and a calm demeanor in life, let’s think back on life on the road and see if in a majority we see patience in this country or if you can feel calm most of the time on the road, ugly just ugly. Let’s look at the normal conversation, the way some locals treat other nationalities, living conditions on a broad scale, and then take a look at the overall appearance of this country and yeah once again, this country is not that pretty.

    Now I know that I have struck a few chords with what I have just said, but if you can’t take this criticism from someone who is well educated (please forgive for any grammar or spelling errors. Not in the mode to proof this), has an open mind, and seeks to learn more about the unique culture this country has; well then you are helping to prove my point. Back to the subject of all of this, I think that this country leaders need to step out of its old ways and stop trying to deny a well accepted cultural change, stop trying to hold a veil over the people’s eyes attempting to keep something out of the country for the sake of maintain a cultural appearance. Especially, when your people are famous for going to another country just to do what their own country frowns upon. JUST GIVING IT TO YOU STRAIGHT NO CHASE.

  59. Haterhaute says:

    Bravo 61!

  60. Mimz says:

    Yes yes, we all did the higher education thing, myself writing a PhD thesis in some delicate medical field, how does that relate to how well mannered we are? There is beautiful and ugly in every city, its how you perceive it. your cities in Europe, we’ll never get that beautiful, but we work with what we have,
    PS: hit a cord with what? I didn’t get that bit, maybe because I’m a plain stupid Arab from Arabia,
    PS2: love your blog Mark, my favorite!
    PS3: just felt like a ps3 :P

  61. Kamel 26 says:

    Any body can help me and tell me how i can enjoy in kuwait?

  62. K says:

    Hey all, I’m thinking of relocating to Kuwait, my offer is about 1500DK, is that enough to get a decent life in Kuwait (drive a nice car, live in a 2 BR apartment), my wife will relocate with me, and she’ll get a job 2, I think that she’ll be able to earn around 700DK…

    What kind of entertainment is available here? except malls, shopping, eating, movies & driving?

    Please advice.

  63. Nixon says:

    The only weird thing is that they said Persion Gulf not Arabian Gulf.

  64. uterean says:

    If thers no alcohol then its not a nightclub/bar/pub. simple as that. Just drink your tea to death in boredom

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