The view from Al Hamra

Post by Mark

The picture above was taken from the 65th floor of the Al Hamra Tower. When completed next year it will be 77 floors high and the tallest building in Kuwait. As you can see, The Monolith looks tiny in the picture above.

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  1. Pyyth4 says:


    got a larger picture of that?

  2. The Kuwaiti Godfather says:

    Thats Amazing and can you imagine Mubarak Tower will be bigger as it currently stands to be the 3rd Tallest tower in the Gulf. It will be taller than Burj Dubai

  3. George says:

    do u have more pictures?

  4. Khaled says:

    I like how the left side is greener than the right.

  5. sinful eyes says:

    am going up there tomorrow night .. some sun rise shots ,,, hope it won’t be so windy !
    btw .. from up there you can see jabber stadium if the weather is clear !

  6. Smaeb Resal says:

    The Monolith looks like it’s something from outer space ready to attack the area with laser beams.

  7. M3T4L says:

    I’ve heard somewhere it is going to be the tallest building in the world when it is finished, the tallest with a twist though: tallest building that is built out of concrete not like the other metal/glass scrappers.

    BUT I couldn’t confirm this point, does someone know if that’s true or not ?

  8. M3T4L says:

    Ok it turned out to be wrong, but very close though. I found this on CTBUH:

  9. Burhan says:

    Can anyone go up there and take pictures?

  10. nudorp says:

    Just like Burhan’s pic…since I work in Khaleejiya and Al-Hamra is at front 24/7, I’m rather tempted to climb steps…couldn’t find the gate though…Mark? Feedback please…

  11. sinful eyes says:

    Burhan … no .. Not anyone !!
    as far as i know .. the ones that can go up are the members of KVWC .. and some other few people !
    KVWC = Kuwait voluntary work center

  12. Abeer A says:

    I wish Kuwait was greener :( People start planting trees! In 20 years we’ll be able to have beautiful parks!

  13. Anonymous Coward says:

    I too like how there’s some greenery in the picture. If we only had some “environmental awareness” (planting trees, not being assholes and throwing trash wherever we go, ..etc), then we sure would have a greener, friendlier Kuwait…

  14. qadsia says:

    Dude, remember it’s a desert, don’t blame everything the country.

  15. Haterhaute says:

    That one little skyscraper out there just looks silly, lol

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