Out of Work

Post by Mark

Even machines are losing their jobs due to the financial crisis.

Thanks Holla

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  1. mEL says:

    lol!!….nice one

  2. Merzoogy says:

    Looool….Yup ‘Only In Kuwait’ ….XD

  3. Pyyth4 says:

    LOL…..skynet is not gonna be happy!!!

  4. chaoticposha says:

    good one! LOL

    btw, why not talk books? u never mention that
    how about u post something about recommended books! Am really interested in knowing what you read ;p

  5. indiancurry says:

    @ chaoticposha – Mark does not read :P

    This GFC has cut my consumption of KFC at home too :(

  6. Holla says:

    The best part about this is that it doesn’t seem like a typical engilazy mistake or anything, it’s so straightforward and serious. Almost like it was done on purpose.

  7. You got it wrong Mark. It means that the machine is out on a vacation which means that it’s ” OUT OF WORK” : ‘ )

  8. Q80BOY says:

    uuh .. i bet many banks would love to hire this poor thing :P

  9. mobi says:

    lmao, this is funny :p

  10. nudorp says:


  11. salah says:

    you are funny Mark

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