OMG tHe bEsTest dAncEr iN kUwAiT!!!

Post by Mark

Taken from the description of the video:

shamlan known as the BEST DANCER in Kuwait , have never bin defeated, Shamlan has bin dancing at the age of 6 , now at the age of 20 he achieved his goal to become the greatest dancer of ALL!!!

Watch Shamlan dance and try not to laugh too hard [Video]

Thanks again RJV for the link.

BONUS: What Shamlan’s friend, K-Lib dance. [Video]

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  1. Mo Hat says:

    why you hatin against michael man, he cannot explain, why he’s such a pedophile

  2. evolution says:

    This dude is pretty good. Actaully he’s really good!

  3. Frankom says:

    :: to the right to the left , to the right to the left !!! hes doing the same job ! hehe

  4. holla says:

    lol that bike is tiny.

  5. Zorbon says:

    He’s not a dancer… He is a MJ immitator…and not a good one either…

  6. Carlsb3rg says:

    hope he doesnt like boys

    probably related to the shark in someway too ;p

  7. Meshoo says:

    damn it, no moon walk?
    dude is semi ok…..but he seems to be a couple of seconds off beat….maybe its the recording quality
    but never the less….he’s not the best…..I have seen better dances from worse dancers ;)

  8. Stafa says:

    dude..hes pretty good..why the hell r u making fun?! jealous?

  9. MacaholiQ8 says:

    Thanks for the giggle.

  10. Zorbon says:

    Stafa, just surf youtube for michael jackson and you will find alot of much better dancers :)

  11. Stafa says:

    my point is, why is he making fun of him..respect people’s dance skills, no matter how unexperienced/experienced the person is..

  12. Mark says:

    Stafa are you K-Lib?? lol

  13. TweeZ says:

    not bad. Took a lot of balls to upload the video on the net though.

  14. Stafa says:

    lol not into rnb and this shit..

  15. Laziale says:

    Ok , for all who Still think that he is Good Dancer !!

  16. TweeZ says:

    lol, someone please open up the clubs so that these people can enjoy themselves…privately!

  17. anonymous says:

    mark dont make fun. id like to see your chunky ass do half the shit he can. he’s pretty damn good.

  18. Marzouq says:

    This is pretty funny, the guy isnt half bad. But he could have at least laid the audio over the video! It would have came out better!

  19. unknown says:

    no anonymous he is not that good, but Mark have nothing to do except making fun out of every thing.

    lame Mark..

  20. KtheKuwaiti says:

    People are making fun of him because he claims “to be the best dancer in Kuwait and has become the greatest dancer all”.

    If the movie was titled, Hey guys .. what do you think of my dancing. Then people would say, he is pretty good .. keep on trying and ditch the MJ stuff.

  21. TweeZ says:

    yeah you’re right, fuck this guy.

  22. Sunny says:

    not as bad u all make him out to be. but THE BEST DANCER IN KUWAIT. . . dude fuck that.

  23. TAT says:

    how can you guys say that….
    hes the greatest dancer of ALL!!!

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