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People in Kuwait Live Long

Here’s a great list for Kuwait to rank high on, the 20 countries where people live the longest. According to a recent report by the World Economic Forum (WEF), Kuwait has the 11th highest life expectancy in the world with an average life expectancy of 70.7 years. Kuwait has the highest life expectancy in the GCC and the second-highest in the Middle East with only Israel ahead in 8th place. Singapore tops the list with the highest expectancy of 74.2 years. Check out the full top 20 list here.

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is it possible that kuwait’s data is a bit wrong?

for example, in one of your posts quoting PACI data (, you mentioned “The oldest male in Kuwait is 115 years old (Kuwaiti) while the oldest female is 119 years old (also Kuwaiti). The oldest male expat is 113 while the oldest female expat is 118.”

which are all much older than any verified oldest living person in the guiness book of world records.

i think if the data were corrected for these magical figures alone, we would see kuwait’s life expectancy fall by a few months.

This trend has been reversing sharply as a result of diabetes and obesity. The current generation of 70 year olds have significantly lower rates of diabetes and obesity than those younger than them. The MoH had a campaign about this last year. We will have shorter life expectancy than our parents and grandparents (on average).

Even if there are discrepancies, these days I feel like we need something to cheer about as everything keeps telling me that it’s time to go elsewhere. (130kd health insurance?!!!). Let’s go ahead and fake it till we make it!

I’m sorry, what is wrong with 130 health insurance? I pay 150 for the NHS where I wait 5 hours at the ER throwing up constantly and having nosebleeds, wait 15 days for an appointment with a GP and crazy sum of money for medication. If everything is telling you to go elsewhere then why don’t you do it rather than tell people their country isn’t good enough for you?

I just looked into health insurance in the US for my son and I – the CHEAPEST for the area we are from was $749 a MONTH (with no maternity rider as I don’t need it), which is 227KWD a month – and that was with an $8000 deductible. *sob*

Why don’t you just leave the UK instead of telling people how much you don’t like their country?! Obviously you and I choose to be in a country for a reason. But we expect decent treatment. Just because you are a foreigner doesn’t mean you should be punked out.

130 KD Health Insurance is nuts. A friend of mine was telling me the other day he is thinking of packing up the family and sending them back because come June he has to renew the residence permits of his wife and 2 kids. So at KD 130 a head he is looking at 390 KD for medical insurance plus with other charges for stamps , service fees, civil id renewal charges etc that adds up to around 450 KD approx. just to renew his families residence permits.. This is more than the rent he pays which by the way he also has to pay for that month. Other expenses for groceries, gas, sundry expenses etc are all extra.

Even with his salary he is still going to be out of pocket and will need to make arrangements to survive that month.

Then begins the next cycle which is to pay back those arrangements plus interest which by the time he clears he will again face the same issue the following year of renewing his family s residence, Thus going through that never ending cycle.all over again.

That’s my point exactly. Why should I just leave?I feel like a Mexican under Trump as I have been here for a decade and now because of my family am unexpectedly having to think about the costs of residency when it wasn’t an issue before. 130kd multiplied gets expensive fast. To top it off, it seems like things are just arbitrarily announced that have sweeping changes and affect many. Why not phase in price increases for the health insurance? In the US, there are family coverage plans. It’s like Kuwait is trying to get there but juuuuuussst … CAN’T.

Mexicans under Trump? You mean how a Mexican feels under their elected official, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador – the current president of Mexico?

One way to keep the life expectancy up is to deport expats suffering from conditions and simply refuse treatment for certain diseases, so they have no choice but to leave the country and seek healthcare elsewhere.

Voila, profit?

That would not hold true for the private health care sector that is booming here. These for profit hospitals depend on sick expats and Kuwaitis who refuse to use the public sector primary care facilities.

In the USA, for family medical coverage through your employer (companies generally offer health insurance benefits for full time workers in USA) you can expect to pay up to 3,500.000 KWD per annum (in USD), based on how much your employer shares (subsidizes) the premium cost.

Sounds ridiculous right? And that health coverage typically only provides 80% of medical costs, so you pay out of pocket 20% of providers fees when you receive medical care.

The public sector care in Kuwait is excellent for the low out of pocket cost for citizens and residents.

I would be curious to see stats on lung cancer in Kuwait.

Arent companies legally required to pay this fee? I know many don’t and those workers who buy visas have to pay this…..

Companies are legally required to pay the fee which they do on paper but end up taking the entire amount from the employees salary through monthly deductions. They also include the cost for the residence stamps and civil Id renewals as well. Though illegal hardly anyone complains due to fear of repercussions and losing their jobs.

Also to further clarify companies pay for their employees only. They do not pay for the employee’s family. The employee is responsible for all his dependents. Unless of course the employee is a really big guy up the management chain and its in his contract that the company bears all costs for him and his family 😉

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