Qualitynet and other ISP’s applying fair access policy?

Post by Mark

A reader emailed me saying that all ISP’s have started applying a fair access policy meaning they will now be placing limits on our bandwidth. I checked the Qualitynet website since they’re my provider and noticed that at the bottom of their DSL page it states “Terms and Condition & Fair Usage Policy Apply.” I figured that was something that was always there but I checked the google cache version of the page and noticed it wasn’t there before.

Of course I freaked out and quickly called Qualitynet, the support guy I spoke to didn’t know what fair usage policy was but after explaining it to him he said there is a temporary limit imposed at the moment due to a technical problem but once it’s solved everything will be back to normal and we won’t have any limits. Hopefully that turned out to be true because I would hate to have a limit.

Here are the links to all the ISP’s where fair usage policy is mentioned:

Gulfnet: http://gulfnet.com.kw/web/FAP.html
Qualitynet: http://www.qualitynet.net/?page_id=269
KEMS: http://www.kems.net/price_list_new.aspx?id=1
Fast Telco: http://www.fasttelco.net/AxCMSTemplates/FAP_1471.pdf

Thanks Ebrahim

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  1. Kuwaitiful says:

    GulfNet was the first to surprise their customers with a fair policy out of the blue(made me switch to KEMS). Viva added their fair policy just recently. This isn’t looking good at all.

  2. aaa says:

    If a single one of these guys doesn’t implement fair use I’ll switch to them. But then so will everyone else and the lines will clog up :I

  3. Dave says:

    If what the support guy said was true, then there would be no reason to post the fair usage policy notice on the website. It’s pretty clear that the ISPs are introducing it. As it appears to be a done deal, then how about reducing the price and/or increasing the speed? Yes, I know….

  4. greak says:

    انا اعرف احد يشتغل بكيمز
    يقول طال عمرك انه الشركات بتسوي كابس للدانلوود

    والسبب بسيط جداً

    الكل يدري انه كل شركات النت تدفع سعر الباندوث حق الوزارة.
    فلما واحد ابيوزر ينزل 8-6 تيرا بالشهر الشركة بتدفع دم قلبها حق الوزارة بسبة الحبيب
    وهذيل معروفين اللي يبيعون دفديات بالشوارع

    فالشركات اتفقو انه يسوون كابس حق الاشتراكات :D
    احلا ديرة بالعالم لما يعتمد القطاع الخاص بالحكومي
    ومالت على الشركات والله
    قطو فلوس وسوولكم سيرفر بروحكم

  5. Bee says:

    I wonder if it is due to the optical cable cut recently?…

  6. Yeni says:

    Only Gulfnet is applying the FUP. No other DSL provider is imposing it. Qualitynet have a server problem that they are dealing with at the moment, but they do not and will not impose an FUP. I know this info from a high ranking manager at Qnet.

  7. s. says:

    not surprising. While the whole world moves forward, we take 10 steps backwards.

  8. Good bye gulfnet. always hated their stupid 800 MB cap per day, imposed it without any notification, if only I knew that they were going to do it, I wouldnt have joined them in the first place.

  9. BAJS says:

    Just got off the phone with a Kems agent and he told me to that there will be NO DOWNLOAD CAP limit per month implemented on their connections, he said sure the site said we use a fair usage policy but that does not mean we limit you to an X amount of GB per month. So nothing to worry about SO FAR for Kems users.

  10. s. says:

    bad enough we’re one of the worse ranked when it comes to download speeds


  11. faisal says:

    its quite obvious since gulfnet introduced the FAP! that this will be done by all ISPs As Greak Said.. i work in one of those ISPs.. and they pay alot of money for abusers who use the bandwidth all day and night and downloadin @ full speeds.. and btw dont believe the call center everytime . sometime they just try to find logical answer to end the call safely :P

    peace out :P

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    • Mark says:

      In your email you said it would take 25 minutes to complete and there is no way I am going to take a 25 minute long survey. I don’t think my SAT exam took that long…

  13. Kliffy says:

    3GB per day for 4Mbps service and higher.

  14. Heartq8 says:

    Do you know ISP not paying MOC their due and because of that Qualitynet has now the connection problem because the did not pay for years MOC their money.

  15. yousef says:

    i was going to cancel my viva 2 years contract for thier crappy limit

    and now even the land-line internet companies have caps

    so whats the limit
    im ok with 10 gb a day

  16. Kuwait says:

    There is a cable-cut somewhere in the gulf, and I guess this is as a result of that.

  17. chenko says:

    توني متصل بكوالتي اللمت راح يكون على طول على حسب اللي فهمته منهم ان بس اشتراكات الافراد اللي راح يكون عليها اللمت اما الشركات لا

    اللمت راح يكون يومي مو شهري واذا عديت اللمت المسموح بتنزل سرعه الداون لود لمده ثلاث الي اربع ايام على حسب نظام الاشتراك

    الخلاصه كيمز يمدحونها

  18. Zeenat says:

    FT has started already. I am working in this ISP.
    Thank you

  19. yousef says:

    اي زين ججم اللمت

    يعني تكون معقولة مو نفس فيفا 2 جيجا باليوم

    يوتوب بروحه يبيلة جيجا باليوم

  20. NambiChets says:

    Don’t think the call center guy or the manager was well informed. Fair usage policy is getting done and only some people will really admit what it is. Its kept on their website for a reason. Chillnite.com had a article on so called “Unlimited” internet connections. This practise is there in the US and Canada of limiting abusive users(Users who hog up bandwidth). Kuwait Just caught up with it and there could be n number of people who deny it but these ISPs are cartelising to implement it. Gulfnet has it in place, the others are on their way.

  21. Kuwaity says:

    It is true!!

    Gulfnet is appllying the policy with me!
    I have 2M/24M fiberoptic.
    I have only 3GB of data each day !
    Then the speed drops to 512k !
    On top of that they increased the price from 140 kwd/ year to 250 !

    I called to complain, but they said it is the company policy even though they were not applying any limit before.

    I’m going to stop dealing with them

  22. El-Captain says:

    All ISPs Will Do limitation on the bandwidth because many PPL over using the bandwidth as they said.

    This is Bull shit.
    ppl paid high prices for high speeds ofcourse for the download and gaming issue.
    i think there was a meeting between all ISPs and they agreed together to limit the bandwidth

  23. Anonymous says:

    So lets have our consumer meeting and decide on what to do. can we protest or take legal action?

  24. El-Captain says:

    you can’t take any action regarding this.
    They already added this is in contract as it’s the company policy and condition.
    well as a matter of fact i think it’s MOC Issue because they are paying for this bandwidth and ppl over using the up/download here.
    can you imagine ppl downloading 1 to 2 terra in one month come on this is insane.

  25. Wael says:

    I knew it! This sucks big time.
    Anybody got an idea on what is the cap imposed by Fasttelco – residential & home?

  26. El-Captain says:

    Well they already planned to Give A Limit Download for the users.
    Seems to be between 2 to 4 GB Per day depend on cusomer’s Bandwidth.
    Higher bandwidth more capacity i think

  27. Trazx says:

    I think its appalling.

    1) Someone downloading a TB/day…well bloody well, kick them off and suspend them. That would be a fairer usage policy. Why should my casual usage suffer because of some abuser?

    2) I mean if the internet prices were more reasonable then I would understand applying these draconian limits, but we are paying a fortune for internet! ISP’s should lower their prices at least, or demand the MOC lower its prices. Kuwait needs to keep up with the internet standards, bandwidth is clearly in demand, everything is in video, youtube, gaming, web conferencing–bandwidth demands obviously have increased since the 90’s (or whatever year the MOC price rates are based on). I CAN’T wait for the day, that we have somesort of high-speed global ISP somehow…i loath the exploitation that occurs in the middle east, over internet prices.

    3) I am on Gulfnet, I am NOT an abuser, I am not downloading ‘movies’ all day. I do happen to use the internet alot, so do my few siblings in the house, watching youtube, gaming etc –we trigger the 2gb limit DAILY. It is soo annoying because the connection comes to almost a sloooow halt, dialup seems more stable than it! its torture!

    4) They should have applied the limit to NEW customers and not existing customers, and progressively kicked off actual abusers! that would have been a better strategy. Instead of surprising existing customers, many of whom had no idea, and have paid for a year or two in advance!

    those are my two fils

  28. yousef says:

    i just called fastteleco quality and kems

    the fastteleco guy told me there is a limit but didnt say how much

    quality net : 2 gb a day from what the call center lady told me

    kems : still not admitting having a limit
    only time will tell

    conclusion : if they put the 60 or 100 gb limit a month .. i will be happy cuz some days i download and days i dont

    kems customers plz tell us about ur story

    • Wael says:

      Thanks for the update, Yousef!
      I agree that a 60-100GB limit per month is reasonable. Daily cap is just stupid!
      And this Fair Usage Policy might trigger off the re-appearance of Satellite Internet (unless that is capped off too!)

  29. Ali says:

    I just contacted KEMS. They said that the Fair Usage Policy is not for a download limit as this post mentions, but rather that the internet they provide is not to be used with unethical acts i.e. hacking. That makes more sense to me.

    • yousef says:

      i hope thats true cuz they are the only ones who offers “unlimited usage”

      i will subscribe with them but only for 3 month

  30. Belal says:

    well guys… this is a load of bull $H!T if i must say :(
    when i signed the contract it had nothing mentioned about fair usage policy and about last month ago… my subscription ended and had nooooo idea whatsoever that they would have a daily cap and doing stupid limits… so here i am cursing my luck for renewing my subscription with qualitynet……… wish i could stop that crap :'(

  31. Muhammad says:

    Tahnk you brothers for all the information you provided in here, I am not a heavy downloader but I have faced a download cap recently, my daily download usage usually not exceeding 2GB but lately I have downloaded more than 2GB a day and until now my download is 25% of my paid speed of 2MB, I am using Qualitynet and as my friend s. above said while the world move furward we move 10 steps backward. we need to unite! strike or do something!

  32. Muhammad says:

    ردا على الإستاذ greak عفوا يالحبيب منو الي ينزل 6 تيرا اصلا ما في أحد ينزل 6 تيرا و في اجرائات تتخذ في حق المتعسفين مثل الإتصال عليهم و إلغاء اشتراكاتهم، اما معاقبة الكل لا تجوز، و الحين الشركات هي المتعسفة في حق المشتركين بسبب ان المشتركين دفعوا قيمة عالية للإشتراك و سرعاتهم تخفض 25 في المئة في الوقت الي فيه مواقع الإنترنت الآن كلها تتجة نحو الفيدويات علية الوضوح و التقدم الى الأمام و نحن الى الخلف سر…

    والله هو شي من الأثنين يا اما انك تشتغل عند أحد هذي الشركات و انت غير متأثر أو انك تملك أحد الشركات و تحاول الدفاع عن قراراتها الطائشة المتعسفة في حق كل المشتركين و في كلتا الحالتين كافي ان المشتركين يعلمون ان الشركات تستغل الحاجة لدى المشتركين بس ربك كبير و الموضوع راجع راجع على الشركات و ان طال الزمان.

  33. User says:


    I am new to Gulfnet, after subscribe i came to about this bullshit for FAP.
    I was very happy with FastTelco. download as much as required, off course not stupid things.
    My request to all ISP users at this moment is , is there any other ISP who is still not applying this FAP.

    Many thanks in advance.

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