Solo Pizza Napulitana

Post by Mark

Around a month ago I found a video on YouTube of a guy in Kuwait making pizzas and since then I’ve been eagerly waiting for them to open up. I’m a huge pizza fan and the pizzas in the video all looked delicious but they hadn’t opened the restaurant yet and so I had to wait. Then a few days ago while I was in Lebanon I get an email saying they’re opening on the 15th but since I was busy yesterday I decided to pass by tonight instead to try them out.

Solo Pizza Napulitana is a new small Kuwaiti owned business that’s located in an old building in Kuwait City right behind the newly opened Japanese restaurant Tatami. From the outside it doesn’t look very appealing and on the inside it’s honestly not that great looking either. But the restaurant is as close as you will get to a mom and pop store in Kuwait. This is not a franchise, this is not a big business, this a tiny pizza joint where the owner makes the pizzas and from what I could tell his friends help him out waiting on tables and taking care of the payments.

I passed by after the gym in my shorts and t-shirt expecting the place to be empty but to my surprise it was pretty packed. I decided to sit on the one table outside but no one served me. So after growing impatient I popped my head inside and asked if I could have a menu. A minute later I got the menu which is pretty small, I think they had only 3 pizzas and 3 salads and maybe 2 desserts. I’m a fan of small menus as I’ve mentioned before and I quickly looked through it and decided to go with the Margherita since I couldn’t find a mushroom pizza on the menu. A few minutes passed by and no one came to get my order so I decided to move inside. I was seriously thinking of just leaving since I didn’t want to wait indefinitely for someone to come get my order but I kept reminding myself that they’ve only been open for 2 days and they’re already packed and probably not prepared for this much pressure. Finally a guy came over and was very apologetic for making me waiting very long. I told him it wasn’t a problem and asked him if they had mushroom pizza. He told me they did so I decided to go with that. From my table I could see the owner prepare my pizza and around 2 minutes after taking my order my pizza arrived. I was thinking to myself that’s ridiculously fast!

The pizza wasn’t sliced up which I thought was interesting since I don’t think I’ve ever had a pizza that didn’t come cut up into triangles. I took some shots quickly and then dug in. What a pizza, it was ammmaaaazing. The pizza crust, the tomato sauce, the cheese, the mushrooms… it was all just delicious and I couldn’t find anything to pick on. I was eating it and thinking to myself where have I ever tasted a pizza that was as good as this and I couldn’t think of any place. I mean sure we don’t have many pizza places in Kuwait to compare to but I’ve had a ton of pizzas in Lebanon and I even just got back from a trip where I tried two new great pizza places over there and yet here I was sitting in this tiny little restaurant in some dodgy back street of Kuwait City having what I thought was one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had anywhere.

Once I was done with my pizza and I paid my bill (KD3.750 for the pizza), I decided to go up to the owner and introduce myself. I told him what I thought of his pizzas and he explained to me how he worked at some famous pizzerias in Naples and how he belongs to this group that’s trying to preserve the famous Naples pizza. He also asked me if I noticed how quickly the pizza gets done since it takes less than 60 seconds to cook. I wished him good luck and told him I would definitely be back again.

So if you are looking for what I think are the best pizzas in Kuwait then you need to pass by this place. It’s in a crappy location, it’s tiny and the interior isn’t that great looking but damn the pizza is just really great. Here is a link to their website where you can find a map and a phone number. They’re currently only open for dinner. [Link]

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  1. BuzFairy says:

    Someone told me today that this new pizza place had opened. Then I saw your foursquare checkin, and now I’ve read your post.

    I love authentic pizza, and this sounds like a great place to have one. I’ll try to pass by them before the place gets really crowded on weekends.

  2. BuzFairy says:

    BTW, if I’m not mistaken, the owner has another restaurant called “3al Fa7am” over in Hawalli, on the 4th Ring Rd.

  3. s.alsadoun says:

    :) i just try it its really great :)

  4. Danderma says:

    ooooh mark! I have just had the WORST mushroom pizza and now in am salivating! I just told my husband I want to go now! Shasawee eb3mry el7een?

    Is he the same guy from serious eats? The one with the fabulous pizza? Now how can I sleep tonight?

    and you posting about it doesn’t make matters any easier… I am sure tomorrow I will be fighting hordes with a stick… :(

    Me want pizza

    • Mark says:

      No it’s now the same guy from serious eats

      that guy makes NYC style pizzas. Where did you have your crappy pizza?

      • Danderna says:

        Pizza Express Jabriya… It was a new mushroom pizza and it was so bland and tasteless… too much cheese and too little sauce and with the first bite the entire block of cheese slips off and you are left with a dangling block of mozarrela and unseasoned mushroom pieces handing from your mouth and scraping your chin… it did not taste good. I will again stick to having pizza express in london only

        • abm says:

          i could not agree more! i ordered their vegetarian pizza a few days ago and i wish i didnt! i think its cause they just opened because i’ve eaten in other pizza expresses in kuwait and they were good, but still that shouldnt be an excuse

  5. Cyc says:

    It’s not the same guy from serious eats.

    Saad makes both neapolitan and nyc style pizzas but more into nyc style, i tried both for a million times and cant get enough (am like a test subject or tester) :p

    I should give this a try but from what i heard i will be disappointed, we will see :p.

  6. ahmad says:

    It was great pizza .. I had really enjoyed the BaniCa I think it was cheese with galrlic

  7. K" says:

    Can’t wait to try it! I looooooove the logo, best looking restaurant logo I’ve ever seen.

  8. Hibbs says:

    The pizza at SPN is fantastic! It’s so fresh tasting and full of flavor! I know the place is small, but I liked the decor! Reminds me of a real pizza joint! I now have a perment craving for pizza!

  9. yousef5 says:

    omgggggggggg, I love traditional style pizza!!!! My Mom is from NY and everytime we visit family we go to the local pizza places and it’s the best pizza everrrrrrrr, and none of the pizza here can compare, but this place, this place has promise!!

    Totally going!! Thanks Mark!

  10. Hey all,

    Im the owner of the Pizzeria, i read the review (thanks mark), there are some things from the comments that need to be clarified:

    – “3al fa7am” is a different owner.
    – the guy from slice.serious eats (Sa3ad) is not me

    happy to serve the true taste of Napoli.

  11. Kuwait says:

    I dunno why but I always notice the BEST grub can be found at a tiny unassuming place at some unknown street – like this above. And I love it!

    Rather be at such a place than some high-end mall with a huge crowd with everyone trying to be posh.

  12. zaydoun says:

    I’m so happy that more and more restaurants are opening outside the malls. I hate eating dinner in malls and not even the best restaurant in the world will change my mind if it’s in a mall, and at least all these young entrepreneurs can focus their spending on their operations instead of extortionate rent!!

    With that rant out of the way, I’m happy this place is open near me. Is that spelling of Napulitana correct? Shouldn’t it be Napolitana as in Napoli?

  13. zaydoun says:

    Oh and one more thing… I’m REALLY happy this isn’t a franchise!!!!!

  14. Sauce says:

    6-11pm is too restricting

  15. Sara D. says:

    I love a real Italian pizza, must check this one out..looks interesting

  16. Venq says:

    In Europe, the pizza is always whole (unsliced)

  17. Soulinq8 says:

    I will try it soon very soon , it reminds me a scene from “eat,love,pray” when julia roberts was at that crappy pizza restaurent but crowded and great pizza from naples. I always think that this small pizzerias are better than the big franchise I noticed that in many other countries also.
    ( was nice to meet you. I’m the guy you met at discovery mall)

  18. I have heard a tons about this place as its right behind my office. I should have eaten there before you BOO to me! :-) We need good pizza places in Kuwait and this sounds amazing!

  19. Soulinq8 says:

    by the way I liked their website really nice minimalist design. enouth for informations and social networking , may be need to add the menu also.

  20. Taz says:

    I tried it and the pizza tasted greet
    It’s just different when it’s a real wood oven
    when I want a pizza, this is It :D

  21. Danderna says:

    My husband says that today the men at work were buzzing about the place! Every one is saying did you hear about the new pizza place?

    But they say the location is not that good. I guess a successful business will be successful no matter of its location! I must try it !

  22. Bo3abed says:

    The owner really knows how a great pizza is made. I love the fact that I get to see my pizza made from scratch right in front of me before I get to dive in. The taste is out of this world, and if you are a true pizza lover, you shouldn’t let it pass by !

  23. Budour says:

    I love pizza! I think I know where my next dinner will be.

  24. vampire says:

    i had the best pizza in Rome.
    from your review, this is gonna be as good as Rome’s pizzas.
    gonna try it tomorrow enshala.
    for such a small place,, a home delivery service is in order ;)
    thanks for the great review

  25. MaG says:

    had the Pizza last time I was in kuwait… mmm im craving it now!!!!!! wish u’d send pizza’s by dhl to the UK! after tasting ur pizzas dominos tastes pretty cardboard … goodluck with the restaurant… i hope more people get to enjoy the experience as much as i did x

  26. Dandoona says:

    This pizza is beyond amazing!!!!! I crave it now all the time! Everyone has to try it you won’t be disappointed!

  27. Saju says:

    Is it better than the ceasars pizza?

  28. Danderma says:

    Mark, you should go back for the Nuttella pizza!!! It is out of this world!!!

    I went yesterday and I loved it. There was the smoked mozzerella and mushroom pizza special we tried and then we ordered the Nuttella pizza! 3awar qalb

  29. Summer says:

    I’ve read so many reviews about this restaurant! really want to try it right now!

  30. A.B says:

    – Information about Solo Pizza Napolitana:

    Brief information, the owner have been trained and studied in Napoli, Italy where the original pizza is made. He have received a certificate from Napoli on doing pizza and he licsensed to do it so. If you just see where he makes the dough on his right top of the wall his certificate all the way from Italy to Kuwait. Damn right the pizza is so amazing and he explained that the pizza is made not like its usually made through yeast! But he makes it all prepare it in the morning time. Until the dough is ready to be cooked in the oven for 60 Seconds with a high tempreture goes up to 450 temp!

    Speaking about the oven itself, it wasn’t made here in Kuwait. It have came all the way from Italy to that tiny marvelous pizza restaurant.

    Honestly, i’ve tasted a really good pizza in Dubai especially in Dubai Mall im not sure about the name! But this one, its what you call a real pizza that seals the deal…

    The staff are all Kuwaiti young guys and that’s how we are proud of.

    Broadcasts and word of mouth would spread the fame of that restaurant, all work together on that. THEY DESERVE IT!



  31. Azz says:

    I tried it,,Its really good..The wait tym was a hel lot though,,bt the guy who owns the place makes sure u r attnded to even while waiting for ur order..and he was honest to admit that they are still wrkin out the fix the delivery time as they have jst started. The pizza was just amazing..I wnt to try all the kids they hav..And yea..I hope they get a bigger place in sum keep the theme and the earthy touch as they have ryt now..I m sure its gona be a landmark very soon…

  32. Fahad says:

    Double thumbs up…I tried the mushroom pizza which was not among the four on the menu, and I just loved it; Very damn delicious & unique!

    very proud of the staff; you see guys preparing, guys serving, and guys mopping the floor and they seem to enjoy what they are doing and very dedicated..they’re raising the bar..

    I wish them the best of luck & success,,,

  33. hamed says:

    I really recommend it

  34. lulu says:

    I love the logo too plus love the movie vendetta, need to try the pizza to complete the love case senario. j/k

  35. V says:

    …the best pizzas in Q8.. U have to try the one with Smoked Mushrooms

  36. R.T. says:

    I just ate at this place recently and found a live worm on my pizza. After having pointed it out to the owner, he apologised albeit very very rudely like he was forced to do it. Worst pizza experience ever!!!! Eat at your own risk.

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