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Second Phase of Waterfront Project has Begun

Last month the first phase of the waterfront refurbishment was completed from Green Island to the Kuwait Towers, and now they’ve started the second phase which is from SVN all the way to Green Island.

They’ve already started bulldozing all the greenery and it’s really sad to watch. It didn’t really show much when they did it in the first phase because that strip wasn’t that green to begin with, but the strip from SVN to Green Island is actually very green with dense trees in some areas. The refurbishment although looks really nice lacks much greenery and so it’s going to be a pretty grey view on my way to work once the second phase is completed.

One thing I’m worried about is the wall of peace sculpture by Jafar Islah which is located next to Burger King. I saw them working in that area today, hopefully they’re not planning to remove it.

Update: Looks like a lot of people are up in arms about the removal of all the trees so TEC issued a statement about it which you can read here.

Update2: According to TEC, the Wall of Peace will NOT be demolished.

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The art peace by Jafar Islah has been destroyed.
They had no consideration for his work nor the symbol it represented.
So sad, wish there was some outrage about it but no one batted an eye

There’s no need to spread false information, it is not destroyed and still stands in the same place. Don’t lie if you don’t know the truth.

you can already walk that whole stretch so I’m gonna assume it will be even better once the second phase is completed. the only thing blocking the way between SVN and Kuwait Towers is the army club and that hasn’t been sorted

i’m super frustrated about the trees bulldozing, they should’ve taken them and plant them in another area!

There are places here that would benefit with some foliage, like this walkway for instance or even Shaheed park which although is nicely-designed I always felt lacked shade and more trees. In one of the sunniest places in the world, there just needs to be more shade where people go to walk.

Does anyone in the TEC not know anything about global warming? Do they not know about the rising summer temperatures this country records each year and yet they dare to chop down old trees, clearing off the shrubs and vegetation along the green belt, giving it a barren, deserted look and still call it a development plan. Absolute ignorance.
I wish, in a country like Kuwait, cutting down a tree should be a CRIME and punishable by law.

+1 @Hala
There is an acute shortage of shaded areas in all of Kuwait which was the whole point of the Green Belt garden. 🌳 check tempers and frayed nerves. Already road rage is becoming a problem with the mercury rising. There needs to be several shaded walkways in every neighborhood in Kuwait as well as on public beaches.

This is EXTREMELY stupid! We are at a very high risk of coastal erosion and what we need are MORE trees!

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