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This Ramadan’s Perfect Chocolate Cake

When Chocomelt got in touch with me for this ad, I was familiar with their brand, but what I didn’t know was that since they launched 7 years ago, they’ve expanded to the rest of the GCC and now have 20 branches.

This year for Ramadan, Chocomelt are launching a special cake, one they’re so confident in that they’ve decided to name it after the brand, “The Chocomelt Cake”.

The Chocomelt Cake blends chocolate praline and creamy milk chocolate with buttery biscuits and a delicate layer of artisanal wafers. I tried the cake yesterday, and it was actually really delicious. I loved the combination of the slight crunchiness with the soft layers of chocolate, but also the fact that it wasn’t too dense and heavy.

What really impressed me as well was the packaging. The cake came inside a ceramic serving dish with Chocomelt written on the side, and that was inside a thick round cake box that came inside a special cake carrier. The whole thing felt very premium and so is perfect to take to gatherings.

Chocomelt just launched this new cake along with favorites from the previous years, and they’re all available now to order in Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. To get the cake, head to and choose to either pick it up from any of their branches or have it delivered to you at a scheduled time.

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