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The Chili Dog Showdown

Nathans or Hardees, which of the two has the better chili dog?

Chili Hot Dog Nathans

Chili Hot Dog Hardees

Nathans Chili Dog: 750 fils
Hardees Chili Dog: 500 fils

Both Hardees and Nathans have similarly sized hot dogs. The Nathans is just slightly bigger but not by that much.

Hardees looks visually more attractive and colorful while the Nathans hot dog looks dull and stale.

Nathans hot dogs take longer then Hardees to prepare. I ordered my hot dog from Nathans Souk Sharq then I went to Hardees ordered a hot dog, I picked it up and went back to Nathans and my hot dog was still not ready. Also while waiting at Nathans I had to stand there listening to the manager making fun out of people who pass him. He’s an idiot.

Nathans Chili Dog: The chili is terrible and the onions tasteless. The hot dogs meat itself is tastier then the Hardees meat but everything else tasted bad. I even ordered a plain hot dog with just ketchup and mustard and I don’t know what ketchup they use but its one of the worst tasting ones I have ever tried. A real mess seriously.

Hardees Chili Dog: Although the actual hot dog itself tastes a bit better at Nathans, the chili used at Hardees is much better and the mustard and onions are also better tasting. Even the bread feels softer and fresher.

I believe the Hardees Chili Dog is a better hot dog overall. Firstly it costs 50% less then the Nathans one Nathans hot dog costs 50% more. Its also visually more attractive, quicker to order and in general is a better tasting hot dog. I would not have a Nathans hot dog again, not unless they get better ingredients.

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Good question 767.. Another thing is how come hot dog vendors don’t offer relish with their dogs..

Nathan sucks for me because they never prepare their dogs and deliver them.. u have to mix the ketchup and mustard by your self!! Messy!

is it? 50% of 500 is 250. So if Nathans hot dog is 750 and hardees 500, wouldnt that make the nathans 50% more expensive?

I got a D in basic maths in university so i could be very wrong of course…

its simple, just devide 750 fils into three parts, since hardee’s is 500 fils its a third less, so if you round it up it will come up to 33.3%.
I’m not a math wiz either by the way, it just clicked with me

I am starting at 500 and adding 50%, so i am doing it the other way around.

can some math wizz please solve this for us. Is 750 50% more then 500?

1KD to 500fils is 100%!!!! Nathan’s is 50% more expensive than Hardees, Mark is correct although he got D in math.

I was at Souk Sharq today for lunch since we had an extra half hour of lunch break, and well needless to say the girls with me all were gushing over Nathans, and going like “Nathans is sooooooooo delicious, it’s unbelievably tasty, omg it’s like to die for!” and I was like “aha” I ended up getting my usual from Great Steak and Company while they got their food and I still didn’t feel jealous, even after they kept saying how delicious it is, I just don’t get it. I keep hearing more bad reviews from people who know actual food than the girls that are with me at work :/


I can tell you that Nathans used to be a hell of a lot better, especially the chili. They’ve had Nathans where I work over here for a while, and they just recently changed the chili recipe to that bland, tasteless, vomit looking stuff. Very, very disappointing!

If 500 fils is 100%, then 750 fils is 150%.
If 750 fils is 100%, then 500 fils is 67%

Nathan’s is 50% more expensive than Hardee’s.
Hardee’s is 30% cheaper than Nathan’s.

Enigma got it right. Nathan’s is 50% more expensive and Hardeez is 33% cheaper. I disagree on the review however. I loved Nathan’s hot dog. It reminds me of the ones sold in petrol stations in Dubai. The chilli is like mark said, awful. Maybe it’s because of the beans, ekh!:P The fries isn’t as good as it sounds either. My next order would be 2 hot dogs with mustard (no chilli). As for 767’s comment, chilli isn’t supposed to be hot 🙂 Not neccesarily.

q8reviews: if you saw me in Johnny Rockets when I ordered the Chili fries you would have understood why. I was looking forward to Johnny Rocket’s Fries. was REALLY happy. Then when i ate it it didnt taste spicy. i asked the waiter and he said its chili but not spicy ? And then i really felt like slapping the cook. to me, no offence but its stupidity. it makes you excited when hearing Chili for nothing 😛

Leave the Finance for the Financials ..

the rule says on how to calculate the increase in something is:

(After – Before ) / Before = ( 750 – 500 ) / 500

= 250 / 500 = 0.5 = 50%

.. meaning .. if you want to make a 50% increase on the 500fils .. it would be 750fils

BUT ..

If you want to make a 50% discount on the 750fils , u would NOT get 500fils , instead you would get 375fils

Kapish ?

Financy, u are spot on with the maths… however, you should have written “Leave the finance to the financiers” rather than “financials”. 😛

Nathans in kuwait is disgusting because they use local hot dogs. In the states Nathans has some of the best dogs around. The interesting thing is that Johnny Rockets who have the bst hot dog in kuwait also use Nathans dogs BUT thereal ones that they import!
For the best hot dog on the planet you have to try out

Am loving the comments more than the article now! Lols! Just kidding 😀 ive been searching for Hardee’s sauce ingredients.. :/ I failed. I guess it’s a top secret or I’m just too lazy to dig. :S

Hardee’s chili comes frozen in a bag from the factory, and they fresh chop their onions daily and steam the buns.

I used to work there and I personally loved the chili dogs.

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