The Kuwait Invasion Anniversary

Post by Mark

Since it’s the anniversary of the 1990 Kuwait Invasion I always like to share the important links below.

Free Kuwait
This is a website that focuses on the campaign that was led by Kuwaitis in exile and is loaded with photos and information.

Kuwait Invasion – The Evidence
This is a website that contains over 1,200 pictures taken right after the 1990 invasion as photographic evidence to all the destruction caused by Iraq.

Short movie: Hearts of Palm
Hearts of Palm is a short movie set in August 2nd 1990 and deals with Kuwaiti students living in Miami Florida during the Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait.

The Class of 1990
This is a short documentary about reuniting class mates years after the 1990 Iraqi invasion.

Homemade video from the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait
Video clips taken by a Kuwaiti family during the Iraqi invasion

Desert Storm Photos
Photos taken by soldiers during Desert Storm.

Photo by Adel Al-Yousifi

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  1. Ahmad says:

    it’s 2morrow ……

  2. jas says:

    The invasion was on August 2nd

  3. WASTHEREbackwhen says:

    there’s a reason i’m not in q8 in early august or late february ….. veterans don’t say why except to other veterans.
    if i had to do it again, I WOULD
    but kuwait has changed
    i remember 2 q8is back then, some one from ‘the family’ i had to call in so many favors through the supply chain because this guy was so fat there was no US Army boot that would fit him …. 13 extra large and he only said that he wanted 2 pairs of boots instead of 1 when i finally gave him a pair. and then there was a quiet kuwaiti national guard captain who refused medical care despite his 4 month wounds….i asked years later about that national guard captain, he ended up dying in the uk with lychemoea, most every body in the kuwait natioanl guard knows of him – HE was and is the spirit of kuwait. that guy was a real soldier – and a true son of kuwait !

  4. Traveler says:

    For an American view of the heroics at The Battle of Al-Qurain, check out my blog entry:

    “Heroes Must Never Be Forgotten – The Battle of Al-Qurain”

  5. bos3ayd says:

    This is a a day never to be forgotten, when the neighbour invaded us early morning. Kuwait went through alot and thank god first and the spirit of Kuwaitis and all the nations that had stood with us. Without them kuwait wouldnt have been free. Thanks Mark for the post.

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