Movies Showing in Kuwait this Weekend

The Batman

The movies below are now showing at Cinescape, Grand Cinemas and VOX:

New This Weekend:
The Batman (9.0)

Other Movies Showing Now:
American Siege (3.5)
Blacklight (5.0)
Dog (6.8)
Encanto (7.8)
Kimi (6.3)
Moonfall (5.6)
My Sweet Monster (5.8)
Scream (7.9)
Spider-Man: No Way Home (9.2)
The Godfather (9.2)
Uncharted (7.2)

Classic Movies Showing Now:
Mulan (5.7)

The films below are also now showing at the Scientific Center IMAX theater:

IMAX Movies Showing Now:
Antarctica (N/A)
Asteroid Hunters 3D
Backyard Wilderness 3D (7.7)
Turtle Odyssey (7.2)

Numbers in brackets refer to the IMDB rating at time of publishing.

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The Godfather is the BEST film of all time. Unfortunately, the new gen would never appreciate its true work

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