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Watch Indie Films at JACC

For those of you who’ve been reading the blog for a few years, you might remember the Cinemagic Rooftop Movie Nights that used to take place in old Salmiya. That closed down years ago and since then no other venue really took over the role of focusing on indie films. But now JACC have launched something similar called “The Cinema”.

Every Saturday and Tuesday night JACC will be holding movie nights at their cinema where they will be playing mostly indie films or cinema classics. Last night I watched the 2021 film “Costa Brava, Lebanon” at the theater, and this coming Saturday I’ll be heading back to watch “Casablanca” in 4K as part of the 80th-anniversary showing. The other movie I’m interested in seeing is the original 1960 “Psycho” which also got remastered in 4K and will be showing at the end of the month.

The JACC cinema is actually fairly large for a small cinema and if I remember correctly can hold over 400 people. The screen isn’t the largest and the sound was a bit of an issue last night, but both didn’t stop me from enjoying the movie. The only major negatives were the stale popcorn and the freezing theater. MAKE SURE YOU BRING A JACKET OR HOODIE. THIS IS IMPORTANT. But other than that the seats were pretty comfy and if you get there early you can chill outside the building which is really beautiful at night.

The whole movie schedule for this month is on the JACC Instagram account @jacc_kw and you can purchase tickets (5KD) from the JACC website To get to the cinema, you need to enter JACC from the very last parking entrance which I’ve highlighted in the photo above. Let me know if you have any questions and before you ask, yes movies do get censored.

Update: They’re calling “Cinema Hall”

13 replies on “Watch Indie Films at JACC”

The best thing about Cinemagic was that the movies were shown uncensored. I don’t expect JACC to be as open minded 😉

Are they insistent on dress code? Seems on the website you can’t wear shorts to attend.

I was about to buy tickets for Casablanca last Saturday but as someone who lives 98% of my life in short didn’t fancy being cooped up.

Is JACC into experimental and street theatre ? Do they also have a drama or dance academy attached ?

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