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Talk to Me Banned Movie in Kuwait

News on an Australian film being banned in Kuwait has been popping up on my news feed all morning. A horror film called “Talk to Me” is supposedly banned in Kuwait because one of the actors identifies as nonbinary and is a transmasculine (a female that identifies as a male). According to the news articles there isn’t any LGBTQ+ content in the film, and there is also no mention of the actor’s gender identity, it’s just banned because one of the supporting actors is trans. Source

I’m now curious if, moving forward, all movies that contain openly gay actors will also be banned in Kuwait. If X-Men or Lord of the Rings came out today would they both be banned because they star Sir Ian McKellen who is openly gay? There are a lot of gay Hollywood actors and directors so I’m really interested how this is going to play out.

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Oh sorry, I thought your point was to ban this means we should either ban them all or not start to get nitpicky

Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him said that the doomsday will not come till killing spread and the Killer don’t know why he kill and the victim don’t know why he is killed

The horror movies is aiming to broke the safe feeling of community and encourage the criminals side of human .. that why serial killers and killing for no reason is increased .. Al horror movies must banned

Lol I had to google it, it’s basically a more descriptive version of transgender, there is transmasculine which is female identifying as male and transfemanine which is make identify as female.

So going by this logic, they should ban all luxury clothes, bags, shoes and other items because a lot of these fashion houses are owned by and employ people from the lgbt community? Most of the creative directors and owners are openly gay. Why stop at movies?

Please stop with the logic, cause you know some one will use your words to fuel some campaign against everything.

Let’s just be grateful it’s one stupid movie every now and then.

I don’t think folks in Kuwait can do without luxury goods lol. The malls will be practically empty.
But the way this is all unfolding is interesting. Choices.

You have no idea how far politicians will go to prove a point.

The only really vocal people in Kuwait are those with power to oppose, others just don’t give two crops. You watch, politicians will easily deny imports because of this and that, and they’ll travel to buy them.

Want to talk about logic? Lets go. Why the bans are mostly associated with either movies or products that directly display signs related to the ABCD folks (their 6-colored scheme products)? In the case of movies, or any multimedia really, the ban stems from the presence of queer characters or suggestions (in recent memory, a “protect trans kids” flag was on the wall of one of the characters in the Spider-man Verse 2 movie). In visual media, as viewers, we might not be THAT concerned if a queer actor is acting in any work as long as the characters they’re playing is ethically acceptable (Neil Patrick Harris in the Smurfs movies, which frankly were screened in Kuwait Cinemas at the time of their release… obviously, the LGBTQ+ agenda didn’t have that strong presence back then so nobody really cared much I guess).
Lets talk about the banned movie from the tittle of this post, to an eye that isn’t used to how LGBTQ+ people do look like, the “non-binary transmasculine” actor looks uncomfortable from the get-go to me and any person with two brain cells, like literally neither a dude or a chick.. and that is the reason behind the ban if you have any “logic” but I guess there’s a new logic standards called “Men can get pregnant!” and you’ll be shunned to the moon if you don’t say “Yes they can!”. And seriously, do you think that actor will be comfortable taking on a role that goes against his frail little bubble (to play a normal looking male/female.. since he might as well play a corner lamp?).
Regarding the products and such, in short: do I have to see the queer designer or whatever when purchasing a brand bag? No? then sure, I’ll take the bag! and take your logic to the closest trash bin please and thank you.
TLDR; the clear presence of that non-binary transmasculine in the movie is behind the ban. Take a look at the trailer.

Sir, you just logiced a whole bunch of nothing.

Denying the existence of a group of people by censoring them worked well for Palestine, didn’t it?

Grooming kids, normalizing queer behavior, letting drag queens around kids, hypersexualizing societies, demonizing religion, disrespecting conservative societies.. Etc. is totally not worth talking about because these things reflect the pristine image of what a modern future society would look like and we should all embrace it or god forbid we look backward and close minded!

I’m just a sweet transginger
From Transexual, Transylvania, ha ha

Hey it’s only a matter of time until the holocaust enters the thread… I think i’m gonna get some popcorn 🙂

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