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I’m a tea guy, anybody who knows me or anybody who’s been reading my blog for awhile would know that, but recently that changed and I think I am now a coffee guy. I’m still trying to get a grasp on how this is possible since I used to really hate coffee. This all started when Arabica got in touch with me for a quick meeting around a month ago.

Arabica are opening two new locations and wanted to fill me in on them in case I’d be interested to post about them. So I met up with them and during the meeting they asked me why I didn’t drink coffee. I responded telling them I loved the smell of coffee I just couldn’t stand the flavor to which I was then asked when was the last time I had tried coffee? I couldn’t remember, I figured I must have when I was a kid or something. They told me they wanted to turn me into a coffee drinker and the next time we would meet it would be at the Arabica branch for a little tasting. I didn’t think that would be possible but I told them ok since I didn’t want to seem impolite. So a few days later I end up at Arabica trying a bunch of their different coffees and I strangely found myself attracted to their Spanish Latte which is a regular latte but with their secret sweet syrup. I think I liked it the most because it didn’t taste like coffee, it’s what I now call coffee for beginners since its what got me started on coffee.


A couple of days later I popped back in and ordered another Spanish Latte, then I came back again and started ordering their regular latte, then again the day after. I’m now passing by once or twice a day for my fix. Not only that but wherever I go now I order a latte just so I can taste the difference and try to understand the different flavor profiles. I’m still on lattes, haven’t really “leveled up” to straight up coffees yet but thats because I’ve just been enjoying lattes so much. So much so that I’ve started researching bean to cup coffee machines (got my eye on you DeLonghi XS) so I could just start buying beans from Arabica and making my own lattes at home.

Another thing I’m enjoying is social coffee drinking. Previously I used to tag along with friends to Vol.1 and Richards Coffee all the time and just watch them drink their coffees while I sip on my water. But now I can finally go to these places and have coffee like everybody else. What I find super odd though is that since I started drinking coffee I’ve completely stopped drinking tea. I used to average around 6 to 8 cups of tea a day but since I’ve started drinking coffee a month ago, I’ve had just 2 cups. I’ve just lost all interest.


Brands are always trying to connect with me but it rarely ever works. This is one of the very few times where a brand not only has managed to grab my attention, but they’ve turned me into a huge fan and even a self proclaimed brand ambassador. I’ve been dragging friends to Arabica with me and telling everyone how great I think their coffee is. As I’m sitting in Arabica typing this my brother who I introduced to Arabica recently walked in to get coffee for himself and his office. And now I just ordered my second latte and need to end this post so I can head to work. If you haven’t tried Arabica yet you should, they’re located in Kuwait City [Google Maps] and you can find them on instagram @arabicakw

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Arabica beans are easily the best ones i have been able to source; I would even go as far as saying that some of them are better than the ones from Monmouth. They locally roast them, and you can usually pick them up on the same day of roasting for fresh beans.

The Primadona won’t cut it if you want to make somewhat comparable coffee. Direct bean to cup machines compromise on taste for the sake of ease of use (especially on the consumer ones). Many little things in the process can change the end result (heat, pressure, etc).

Its pretty easy to get started with a basic setup. Get a proper grinder, the Baratza ones are pretty good for their price. Then look into pourover, aeropress or syphon.

If you want to ‘level-up’ or make milk-based drinks; the Sage from Heston Blumenthal is pretty good too, you can probably whip up a great flat white in a matter of days.

I checked out the slayer machines when I saw it in Arabica during the opening – insane kit.

Amazon UK with direct shipping – actually cheaper than buying from UK, since the VAT is usually higher than shipping.

Whats that choke key on the datsun? 0.o

I’ve never been a coffee guy too, but I recently tried a latte and also liked it a lot. But I havent gone full latte banzai like you lol

in old carburetor engines you had to choke the engine when you first turned it on in the morning. the switch no longer works in my car though since i installed an electric choke.

hahaha thats great to hear! We can finally get some Arabica together! So glad they opened up in Dubai, literally stopping by there every day! Welcome to the coffee club! Arabica is LOVE.

oh no, on me please, I insist! So ecstatic you’re a coffee drinker now! lol Must become brand ambassador for Arabica asap! <3

My weird coffee evolution..

Starbucks Latte.. boring..
Starbucks brewed.. too strong..
Dunkin Dounuts .. brewed.. got boring..
Tim Hortons… brewed.. got boring..
Starbucks Espresso… This thing wakes u up!!
Starbucks Espresso Con Panna..
Starbucks Americano… got boring..
McDonalds brewed black… i dunno why, but i now like this the best..

Oh and Coffee Bean Gemencia green tea is just heaven..

i tried it and i just can’t do it, it tastes too much like coffee and I’m still on Coffee Level 1 so will need time before I get used to the taste and move up to cold brews.

For progression to an espresso I would recommend:
– Stick to their house blend for now
– Machiatto (Arabica’s are out of this world) with something sweet on the side
– Espressos con Panna at other coffee houses (Espresso with whipped cream) with something sweet on the side. Some sips will be perfect, if it gets to strong abandon it.
– Single espressos again with something sweet on the side. Doubles take too much time to drink and as they cool down, the experience and flavors can become more concentrated and sometimes unpleasant
– Single origins for the diversity and really savoring the coffee

Did you try a cold drip or a toddy cold brew? both are very different. VOL.1 uses a japanese OJI cold drip while richards have the shitty toddy type.

I highly recommends cold drip brews they are so freaking awesome having the sweet taste of a strong coffee without the acidity. I got so addicted to it that I bought myself an OJI drip tower from kyoto.

Im obsessed with their spanish latte.. But here is its competitors:

Caribou- salted caramel boudino (best thing ever)

Coffeee bean- vanilla frap/ latte

Al Makan- sugary maple syrup infused iced latte (forgot the name!)

Best in kwt!

Growing up around the Italian coffee shops of my city (way back in the day,) a mark of a good coffee shop was they always gave you a complimentary carafe or glass of water to go with your coffee. Aaah those were the days…

If you aren’t picky on your coffee composition, I would say any coffee is as good as the next – even Starbucks. Now if you DO care about your coffee, I say
1) Head to William&Sonoma and get a good DeLonghi machine. Find a good source for fresh coffee beans and get through it asap because once you’ve opened it, every cup that follows the first tastes less better
2) Head to Nespresso and get a DeLonghi machine from them – I prefer the Gran Maestria (remember because you care!) and get the second best coffee in the world – after fresh morning Expresso coffee in (drums roll) Italy!

Darn you’re right. I got mine shipped from the US. I wouldn’t recommend new buyers to do that though as these machines are heavy duty and are either 110V or 220 unlike other electronics which are 110-220 nowadays

Meh, I’m sure you have a sensitivity to sugar and salt – as in you identify with dishes that are too salty and sweet. That’s most of us. The chefs have palates trained to go beyond and tell you if there’s too much of saffron, parsley, acidity, sourness, etc. The point is you need a trained palate and then there’s no going back unfortunately.

So, my point is if you’re interested in coffee, undergo palate training at any bistro, it’ll open your world to a new view. But as I said, there’s no going back. You will not be able have that cr@pp33y starbucks over-milky cappuccino and will ask for a re-brew as you watch this time.

Train my palate? I don’t need some snobby chef or expert to tell me what’s ‘supposed’ to be good and what tastes ‘correct’.

I found the whole coffee market absurd and a waste of money, I’d rather just have a caffeine injection than drink this bitter piss regardless if was literally piss or an animal shat the coffee bean.

Uh you’re attacking the guy and saying you don’t need a snobby chef for no reason. You can literally taste the difference yourself if you tried it enough. It’s like this with practically any food. If you eat burgers every single day you’ll be able to tell the difference between McDonalds and Shake Shack, if you can’t nobody is telling you to stop eating McDonalds.

Has that much tea and now coffee had any impact on your teeth? I wish someone or you’d write a post about how do you guys actually maintain a good level of calcium and not end up with bad teeth due to coke, tea, coffee… etc

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