Followup On Vigonovo the Italian Restaurant

Post by Mark


Back in August a new Italian restaurant opened up called Vigonovo and I wrote about it on the blog a couple of days after their opening. I didn’t mention anything about the food back then since they had just opened but now that I’ve been there a bunch of times I can say Vigonovo has become one of my favorite restaurants in Kuwait.

The food first of all is really great, its Italian but its light with simple ingredients so you never leave in a food coma no matter how much you eat. The menu is always changing and the portions are tapas sized which means you get to eat more than one dish (my average is 3 dishes). But, my favorite thing about Vigonovo has to be the chef, Marco. Its become a habit for me and my friends now to just go there and have him whip up whatever he wants for us. Since the cooking is homestyle it just feels natural to let Marco tell us what we are having that night, as if we’re visiting his home. And I don’t think we are the only people who do that, I think most of his regulars let him just decide what they’re having, it’s more fun. Speaking of his regulars, I didn’t realize we had such a large Italian community until I started going to Vigonovo. Every time I’m there at least two or three other tables are filled with Italians.


I don’t really have anything negative to say about the place, I think the lights could be dimmer in the evening and I find the blue walls weird (when you see it you’ll understand) and thats about it. Oh and their instagram account is private which I’ve told Marco I find annoying because it means I need to follow them to find out about new dishes.

If you’re looking for an authentic Italian restaurant in Kuwait then this is it. The place is located in Salmiya next to Gia. They’re right next door to Lorenzo in the shop called “Rose Gathering” (they’ll be changing the sign soon). Vigonovo is currently open daily from 5PM onwards except on Fridays when they close. Definitely worth checking out. Here is their location on [Google Maps] and their instagram account is @vigonovo_kw

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  1. Snowden_of_Kuwait says:

    Dude… Why the fuck did you uncover this place man? God, keep a secret dude… Like that infamous secret place of the Korean restaurant

    • Mark says:

      Please don’t bring up the Korean restaurant, someone got into a huge argument with me in the Kuwestions section on why I’m keeping it a secret lol

  2. Navin says:

    Seriously @snowden? You just want a handful of people to know about this place? And that the restaurant just does limited numbers??!!! Writing about this has opened up yet another option for the people to explore Italian cuisine.

    Thanks for this post Mark!

  3. Ali says:

    In all honesty i went ans tried it maybe a month ago and was absolutely disappointed by it. The food was very bland and tasteless. Maybe my luck was just bad for havingna bad menu night or order but i had high hopes for it but unfortunately was let down.

    • Mark says:

      I don’t think it was luck, cuz I experienced the same thing the first time I went. I found the food a bit bland but since it was their first day open I gave Marco my feedback and didn’t review the food. Since then though he’s made a bunch of improvements to some of the dishes (like the lasagna) and added a bunch of new items and I’ve been loving it.

  4. Navin says:

    @snowden Every other jaunt that opens here tends to be crowded if not packed. There is very little choice here you see :P

  5. Q80 In Denver says:

    I’m sorry to say this but the food was so bad and tasteless. The chef is such a cool guy but he needs to know how to cook. we simply ordered everything. some pastas were undercooked and not aldente, some overcooked. The ground meat was seriously low quality and that was not surprising since we asked him and he wasn’t sure if it was Egyptian or New Zealand!

    I wish him the best of luck but he needs to take the whole thing seriously

  6. Pan says:

    The food was bad

  7. Jessica says:

    Well, I just visit vigonovo last night, I just love it,the tipycal food you have to travel to get. Happy to have it next to my home

  8. Ophelie says:

    A true gem of a place! Loved it and will go back

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