Lumière Launches New Ramadan Desserts

Lumière have been around since 2017 and are famous for “Fluffs”, their super soft and fluffy stuffed donuts. But, Lumière also have a very large selection of cakes and desserts as well.

Other than their usual popular cakes like their Cream Brûlée Cheesecake and Pistachio Trifle, this Ramadan they’ve launched a number of exclusive items. Firstly there is a new chocolate cake they’ve called “Billionaire”. It’s a cake that they’ve been working on for sometime now and decided to launch it finally since they’ve managed to perfect it.

The Baklava Cheesecake is their other new Ramadan exclusive cake. They’ve taken their popular cheesecake base and infused it with baklava stuffing and crispy pastry layers on top.

Finally, they also launched two new Ramadan exclusive Fluffs, a rahash stuffed Fluff and a saffron stuffed Fluff. Their Fluffs not only look pretty in the photos, but they also look like that in real life. They’re also as soft and fluffy as they look.

All the new items are available to order right now. They’re available on Talabat and Deliveroo but you can also order directly through them.

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