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Wall of Peace will NOT be Demolished

Here’s some good news to start the day, according to TEC, the Wall of Peace sculpture by Kuwait artist Jafar Islah which is located behind Burger King on the Gulf Road will NOT be demolished as part of the refurbishment of the waterfront.

Even more good news, I managed to find out the names of the two saluki dogs owned by the Dickson’s from my post the other day. Brian Duggan, the author of Saluki: The Desert Hound and the English Travelers Who Brought It to the West managed to dig up the old letters Zahra had sent him and in the letters she mentions the names of their two dogs, Dhabaan and Khataaf.

Update: Not only will the Wall of Peace not be demolished, but according to TEC it will also be restored to it’s original marble state!

6 replies on “Wall of Peace will NOT be Demolished”

Wish they could clean the beach line.
and maybe even put cameras to fine people who leave trash in the beach.

thats exactly what they’re doing, they did that in the first phase already and have cameras to fine people. although not sure how that is going to work, unless they’re somehow going to connect facial recognition to the the biometric data they’re now taking from everyone.

Jafar has been under the impression that it will be demolished. He will be very happy to hear that it would be kept. I’ll inform him of that, he has been pretty down about it

can you get some details off him?

In an interview with Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi, they show the piece being made of marble and dating to 1985.
BUT, I was under the impression the peace related work including stamps were created after the liberation and this specific work on the gulf road is made of concrete. Is the gulf road one a replica of the marble one? I’m very confused.

I’ll try to talk to him tomorrow about it. But I’m certain the one of the beach is made of marble as well. It’s just been painted over

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