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Post by Mark

Yesterday I passed by a small Jamaican restaurant that’s run by a Jamaican woman living in Kuwait. I only found out about the place last week from the owner of Caribbean Hut but turns out Taste of Jamaica has been around for awhile now. This is another hole in the wall place that had around four small tables inside an a few outside. The interior was decorated with Jamaican ornaments like flags and photos of Bob Marley while the radio was pumping out some Jamaican tunes. I think everyone who was working at the place was Jamaican although I should have asked just to be sure.

I never had Jamaican food before but one of my friends had before moving to Kuwait so we put him in charge of ordering and we ended up with the following dishes:

Caribbean Shrimp KD3.5
Jerk Chicken KD3.5
Braised Oxtails KD3.5
Curry Goat KD3.5
Spinach Rice KD0.800
Rice & Peas KD0.800
Baked Potato KD0.800

We had also ordered sides of Stir Fried Okras, Jamaican Patty, Corn Bread and Mac & Cheese but we were told they were out of them.

Once the food arrived my first impression was that the presentation of the dishes weren’t as good as Caribbean Hut. The dinnerware were regular looking and the food was just filled onto the plates like you would at home. The food on the other hand tasted a lot better than it looked. I’m not a fan of chicken on bone but my friend who had the Jerk Chicken thought it was pretty good. The caribbean Shrimp was good, nothing special but the Braised Oxtails and the Curry Goat were the two dishes with lots of flavor. Between the two, Curry Goat was my favorite but the oxtails was super tender as well. They both had new exciting flavors I hadn’t tasted before which is what I was hoping to experience by visiting this place.

On the negative side I thought the prices were a bit high especially when compared to Caribbean Hut which I thought was a super good deal. But other than that I found the place interesting and worth passing by just for the experience especially if you’re bored of your regular routine and are looking for something new to try out.

Taste of Jamaica is located in Mangaf, Block 4, Street 19 and Building #1. Their phone number is 67086852 and they’re open from 5AM to 11PM.

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  1. Lucky says:

    you put “I think everyone who was working at the place was from Jamaican” but it doesnt make sense

  2. K2 says:

    5 AM? U serious?

    • Shahkirah says:

      5AM because breakfast is served at this time. Many people are on day shift and they enjoy having breakfast before they head off to work for 6am. This is a convenience for them especially the people who live right next door.

    • Shahkirah says:

      Yes, we’re serious.

  3. Salue says:

    Looks damn scary

  4. faheed says:

    you probably just attracted all the stoners in kuwait with nothing to do to this restaraunt

  5. Banzin says:

    they don’t have ribs or jerky? i’ll pass

  6. Food-a-holic says:

    Take it there are no Ethiopian restaurants in town??

  7. mayhem says:

    Prices are overly expensive with their small portions!

    I wouldnt recommend it to anybody else!

  8. freaky_sadiki says:

    Workers are from Ghana, And yes kind of pricey.Must be trying to market the westerners in the area.

  9. Darren says:

    I had never had Jamaican food when I went here first.

    I guess they don’t have the volume of food that a cheap and unhealthy takeaway would get through – so prices maybe a little higher than a Mc’s or fried-chicken.

    It is home cooked food that is healthy and tastes amazing.
    And the staff are friendly and helpful too. Perfect

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