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I posted a few days ago that I recently got a new Espresso Machine, but unlike my previous one, my new machine doesn’t have the option to turn on automatically every morning. It doesn’t sound like a big thing but espresso machines need around 30 minutes to heat up properly which is an eternity when all I want is my morning coffee. So I decided to my first smart plug to automate the morning process for me.

I haven’t really had a need for any home automation product but since I got my first smart plug, I’ve now bought a second one and just about to order my third. These things are pretty practical and super easy to set up. I ended up getting the Eufy Smart Plug since I found it readily available locally and it was the same brand as my RoboVac which meant I didn’t have to install a new app on my phone.

The way the smart plug works is you plug it into a power socket and then plug a device into it like my coffee machine. You then connect the smart plug to your wifi network and access its settings using an app. With the app, I set up a schedule for my coffee machine to turn on every morning at 6:30AM so that the machine is ready for me to use when I wake up at 7. I also use the app to manually turn on the machine in the afternoon before I leave the office. That way by the time I get home my machine is ready to use.

The smart plug has a number of other features including the ability to monitor the uptime of your devices, how much electricity they consumed, and the smart plug can also integrate with both Google Home and Amazon Alexa. I have my second smart plug connected to a floor lamp in my bedroom so I can now turn it off before I go to sleep with a voice command.

The only issue I have with the smart plug really is the price. It costs KD11.5 which isn’t cheap especially if you want to have a few of them around the house. It’s also fairly bulky so if you have a plug say behind the couch or a dresser, you’re gonna have a very tight squeeze if it manages to fit at all. If you’re interested in picking one up, I got mine from Blink.

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Thought it was funny, that reading through this post, i wasn’t the only one thinking about Michael’s foreman grill 😀

Does it support multiple ON/OFF schedules on the same day? I mean can yo set it to ON&OFF every 2 hors for example?

Yeah u can just keep adding as many schedules as you want for whichever days u want. So u can have something come on and off every 2 hours on Sunday, on Monday u can have something come and off once, Tuesday nothing etc, u control it as much as u want

Wow you are so ingenious! You are right, those things look bulky but great for apartment owners, otherwise I would prefer a socket outlet replacement that is smart.

Has anyone else experienced ordering something online from X-Cite and not receiving it? And then calling Customer Care No, being held online until it cuts off automatically? Very frustrating and I guess I have to wait till their retail stores open. I am not in a lockdown area and the money was immediately taken from my credit card account.

I’ve heard multiple complaints like these and hence have been waiting for their showrooms to open so that I can directly purchase a few items that I need…

I ordered printer ink and some headphones last week and was waiting to see what happened. But after a couple of days I got a phone call saying they would be delivered within the next half hour and they were. One of the items wasn’t there, but there was a note when I ordered that they would dispatch items as soon as they were available, so maybe not all at once. The missing item came the next day – same thing: phone call then the driver showed up. I was impressed, as I had seen that others have had problems – maybe depends on the size of the item?

They sell them at Ace Hardware, I got me some a while back. The only advantage these smart switches have is the voice contol, but that wouldn’t justify the price.

The ability to control it from anywhere at any time, the ability to set up multiple on off timings and days as well as voice control and integration with Alexa and google home are just a few of the advantages.

Were they able to not get fried by our voltage?

Also did you use an adapter for the inlet and/or outlet of the plug?

They work perfect, no adapter needed. I got a pack of three and been using mine for almost a year constantly with no issue.

You can also set up multiple on/off timings

Hey Mark, I am interested in knowing if u ever considered getting a Nespresso? I mean, it seems like a lot effort for acquiring and maintaining this coffee machine.. what makes it all worth it?

Nope, completely different ballgame. Nespresso competes with the likes of instant coffee and not your favorite coffee place.

If you want something simpler and cheaper there are a lot of other kinds of espresso machines that can use and grind fresh beans.

I’ve upgraded twice till I got here so it was progressive. I had a small automated delonghi coffee machine first, then the Breville which grinded and tamped automatically and now this. So there are easier ways of making espresso and you can eventually work your way the more comfortable you get with the process.

You basically would be starting a new hobby.

I need a programmable timer wall switches that can be replaced with the normal switch and can be programmed at certain time on/off for home lights indoor/outdoor switches and if also anyone knows where to fine the smart switches that can be controlled via app it would be great


yesterday i received my first smart plugs. I ordered them through amazon uk.

“TECKIN Smart Plug WiFi Outlet Mini Plug Works with Alexa, Google Home, Wireless Socket Remote Control Timer Plug Switch, No Hub Required,2 Pack,13A”

the price i paid for 2 plugs was £ 16.99 (about KD 6.5). The price has just increased to £ 19.99 ( about KD 7.5)

I’m thinking of ordering a bunch more.

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