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I’m a huge Tamiya fan even though I haven’t put together a Tamiya model in years. But, I recently found out that we have an online Tamiya store here in Kuwait which I’m tempted to impulse buy from.

They don’t have a huge collection of cars, but it’s a fairly decent one especially if you aren’t looking for anything specific. Prices are also higher than prices online but similar if you include shipping. They also have a large selection of paints and tools as well to help you with the build.

I don’t think I’m going to order anything even though I want to, this would have been perfect during the covid lockdowns but I don’t think I have the time or patience for it anymore. If you’re interested though their website is

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Too bad they don’t have RC cars/trucks like the old dealer.
They were a great way to understand how real cars work mechanically, since they are so similar in concept.
I guess current teens are more interested in tiktok and other bs apps..

Oh, i still remember their store in ALMUTHANNA COMPLEX…. i always loved to pass by and watch all the new models that they had.

But, I recently found out that was have an online Tamiya store

But, I recently found out that “we” have an online Tamiya store

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