Former UFC Champion booked for MMA return in Kuwait

This is a completely random tidbit that popped up on my feed this morning. Renan Barao, the former UFC bantamweight champion is making his return to the fighting scene after leaving the UFC 4 years ago with a fight next month here in Kuwait. Source

Barao will face Peter Ligier in the main event of Fera Championship’s debut card on October 7. I checked the @ferachampionship Instagram account and it’s still empty as of this post with just a mention in the profile that says the event is on October 6 & 7.

If you’re a UFC fan this looks like it might be a pretty interesting event to go to.

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if this is true im not going or wasting my money on garbage fighters, if ufc comes they better bring a good card, butttttt i dont think they will come, saudi makes sense to them. nothing we got here only high prices burgers, and lots of locals that they think there gods or something but in reality when they step out of the airport they become nice quite and lots of ppl outside humbles them looooooool, look at turky they beat up avg of 11 a day 8 of them from here, so dont act up to be smacked up like a biooootch

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