Rugby Players Needed

Post by Mark

There’s a youth rugby club in Kuwait under the name of Saracens Kuwait. They’ve been around for a few years and were previously known as the Nomads. There are different divisions of different ages ranging from under 8’s and under 19’s, for both boys and girls. They play competitively around the Middle East and this year, the under 19’s division has a chance to tour in England and South Africa. However, the under 19’s division is currently in need of more people to join in order to make an official team.

If you are interested in joining then you can come to the Hassan Abul Sports Center in Dasma on Friday from 8:30am to 10:30am. Participants do not need to know how to play rugby in order to join.

The first 3 weeks of practice are free and if the participants are interested in joining the club, then they will have to pay 50KD for the year and will receive everything they need.

Saracens has a website but it is a little outdated, you can check it out [Here]

If you have any question you can contact Aziz on

Although not very popular in Kuwait, rugby has been played here since way back in the 1940’s. Check out some old photos [Here]

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  1. Arrgh says:

    Not to party poop but what happens when a kid breaks their bones or even hurts their spine playing a sport that has no impact in any Antibes life but they live with concequences with the rest if theirs.

    Let’s be honest none of these guys will probably be a champion rugby player, but in the process of trying to do it might throw away their life.

    And even for the successful rugby players they are basically adrenaline junkies. It’s a drug addiction to danger. That does not sound rational, normal or fun.

    How about playing a sport as a sport that is healthy and fun. Some one had a brain fart and decided to let kids do this. Well, I should maybe also realize that people smoke cigarettes when they know they will die miserable deaths because of it but continue anyways. But why bring other people in on it? That’s the problem with this sport. It’s for kids or even adults.

    We don’t drink as well. Maybe if legalized alcohol it would make sense to have a brutal and fighting sport as a ‘sport’. Since it’s turning drunk fighting into a sport without the ness of drunkards fighting. And by legalizing alcohol the quarapeligics can drink their pain away.

    You want rugby as a ‘sport’, legalize alcohol first.

  2. bryn says:

    Shut up you fool. if you have never played the sport just keep quiet. more injuries occur playing football or even down the local park. So the best thing for you to do is lock all the doors and sit in front of the pc and write about you know nothing about

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