Watch the World Cup on the Sheikh Jaber Causeway

If you’re looking for a cool and free spot to watch the World Cup matches then you should probably head over to the Sheikh Jaber Causeway. Castra who were in the news last week because their desert lounge setup got shutdown for not having a license are back now (with a license) and have set up a World Cup viewing area on the Southern Island of the causeway (called Al Saji Island).

The Castra setup is right on the edge of the island with a beautiful view of Kuwait City and is surrounded by food trucks and plenty of seating. Although they were still working on setting up a kiosk area for pop-ups when I visited, they’ve been open and broadcasting the games daily.

There is no entrance fee which is great and because it’s located on the Southern Island of the causeway I think makes this location really fun and interesting to visit. Weirdly, there isn’t anything posted about this anywhere, not even on the Castra Instagram account which is

If you want to head to the location, here it is on Google Maps

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I tried visiting the spot yesterday! but the whole bridge was jam packed as everybody wanted to enter the island. And later the entrance was blocked. So everybody parked their vehicle on the side of the main bridge itself and started walking towards the island. Every car on the bridge (which was more than 100) was fined by the traffic police. unfortunately i missed

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