Apple Pay Launching Next Month

This definitely isn’t a coincidence, after posting about the lack of news on Apple Pay this morning, it was just announced that Apple Pay will be launching in Kuwait on December 7th. Source

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Can you post about Disney+ cartoon movies with Arabic / Egyptian Dub? Can’t get this overseas. Maybe they’ll listed to you lol

Right time to move back to an iPhone.
Every almost 5 years I make the stupidest mistake of moving from and iphone to android just because of a gimmick of a feature.

Later only to regret it rofl.

Two questions:
1. I have a US Apple Store account on my iPhone. Will I be able to add Kuwaiti cards w.e.f Dec 7? Up until now, obv. I have not been able to do so.

2. Does this work for both debit and credit cards?

1. Yes – Apple Wallet is separate from your Apple Store. I have UAE and UK debit cards on my Apple Pay and i have a Kuwait Apple store account.

2. I believe so.

I have been using Apple Pay for awhile and was actually able to use my Apple Cash a few times last month.

However, I know others that have tried their Apple Cash recently and it has not been working.

Hopefully, December 7 will bring full functionality including Apple Cash.

How were you able to activate Apple Cash? Do you have a US Social Security Number? I always get stuck at that point.

Well that sucks …

Yes I am American .. per Apple website Apple Cash is only available in US only to US residents.

I will try Apple Cash again when I return next week to see if its working still.

Yesterday when i was paying at the hospital i put my phone down next to the knet machine to pull out my card … and the apple pay popped up. i just thought it was weird since i haven’t setup apple pay here nor in the states.

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