Google Maps Reporting Accidents in Kuwait

Post by Mark


Is this feature new? My brother noticed it a couple of weeks back and my friend told me about it yesterday.

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  1. Dun says:

    No its not new. It started when Google bought Waze a couple of years ago. Kuwait had it ever since traffic data was introduced on Google maps. Maybe its just new for IOS?

  2. sala6a says:

    I noticed that two days ago. Finally in Kuwait.
    Hope that they get the Google Map’s “Street View” as well… It’s now active in Dubai…

  3. Raks says:

    Mark, Not Really it was incorporated in the Google Maps update probably 6-8 months back since then I always look into the traffic situation and a reported accident when I leave for work so I can pick which Road to take.

  4. Ahmed says:

    Waze app is good for this type of things.

  5. Nixon says:

    As someone mentioned, Google Maps bought Waze. So most of the info on waze should now also be shown on google maps. It even says it was reported by Waze lol.

  6. lolguy says:

    How long before someone points out Waze is an Israeli creation and starts a boycott.

  7. Matt says:

    Tracking traffic accidents in Kuwait will use all of the world’s internet bandwidth.

  8. Yousuf M says:

    Now only if more people use Waze App.. This would be awesome for other Maps users :D

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