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1990 Invasion: Al-Hohti Brothers and the Zoo

So this is a bit of a bizarre coincidence. I don’t remember what I was doing but over the weekend I stumbled upon an article about Dalal, the elephant that survived a bullet wound and abuse by the Iraqi soldiers during the 1990 invasion.

Then, randomly today, a friend mine who works at the zoo messaged me so I decided to ask her if she knew how the elephant and other animals survived during the 1990 war. She told me it was because of two brothers and then sent me a link to a short film called “Aziza” that came out yesterday and is based on the story of the two brothers. You can watch the video above.

March 1991. Starved lions in their cage at the Kuwait City Zoo. Photo by Steve McCurry

Ali Mubarak Al-Hohti, was a 35-year-old sanitation department inspector, and his brother Suleiman, 30 was a motorcycle policeman. During the war they took care of the animals at the zoo and they called the elephant Aziza (not knowing her real name). The short film which I’ve embedded on top is in Arabic but there is a great article on the New York Times on the two brothers which you can read here.

March 1991. A loose hippo at the Kuwait City Zoo. Photo by Steve McCurry

Just one quick note, I haven’t watched the film yet but will being doing so later tonight. But, if like me you are worried there might be scenes of animal cruelty, I’ve been assured the film doesn’t contain any. So it’s safe to watch.

Thanks Tammy!

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This movie is so good, I saw it when it premiered on the TV. It’s been a while since I saw a great Kuwaiti production

Tell us what you think Mark when you do see it!

Looks unique especially since animal rights isn’t even a big thing in Kuwait outside of a few orginisations. BTW you made a typo spelling “zoo” incorrectly.

Such a comic, your article says it came out yesterday, I understand that to be launch date not the production or filming date.

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