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Video of Kuwait Towers Under Construction

Found a video of the Kuwait Towers under construction in the 70s. Not sure what the original source is or if the video originally had any audio, so if anyone recognizes this footage from somewhere, let me know in the comments.

Update: OK this is kinda funny. My friend made me realize that I’ve actually posted the video above on the blog 6 years ago. Not only that but I’m the original source of the video. I got the video from my friends parents who shot it on Super 8 film back in 1975 when they first moved to Kuwait. The clip above was taken from the original longer video which you can watch under my previous post here.

With over 12,000 posts, 15 years of blogging and my terrible memory, I’m not gonna remember everything I post.

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i met an old guy in Vienna he was from Serbia, and said he was part of the construction builders Team of Kuwait towers!

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