Promoted: The New Samsung Galaxy Z Flip & Z Fold 5 are here!

All that anyone seems to be talking about right now on my tech podcasts are the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5 phones. They were recently announced by Samsung and come with a number of improvements over the previous generation models. Both devices along with other new Samsung products are launching in Kuwait today. Here are the details:

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5
Comes in 4 colors: Cream/Lavender/Mint/Graphite
Sizes: 256GB/512GB
Starts from KD322

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5
Comes in 3 colors: Cream/Phantom Black/Icy Blue
Sizes: 256GB/512GB
Starts from KD573

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9
Comes in 2 colors: Beige/Graphite
Sizes: 128GB/256GB
Wireless: 5G/Wifi or Wifi Only
Starts from KD302

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6
Comes in 16 different variations
Starts from KD109.900

All the Samsung devices are available on the Switch website or in store.

Switch also have a trade-in option, any brand device can be traded-in for a mobile phone or tablet. The value of the trade-in will depend on the model and condition of the device.

If you want an installment plan Switch also has that system with Tabby. Payments can be split in 4 installments, along with a trade-in of up to 3 devices. Other installment options are also available including Easy Buy, Easy Pay (Gulf Bank), and Flexi Pay (NBK).

For more details, visit

10 replies on “Promoted: The New Samsung Galaxy Z Flip & Z Fold 5 are here!”

Literally no one talking about these just wait few months and get them for 120KD at Sharq you are all welcome

Not sure what shitty tech podcasts you listen to but you should definitely subscribe to better ones like The Vergecast or watch MKBHD on YouTube at least. The Verge had two back to back episodes just about Samsungs and MKBHD had 3 videos about them this month…

Lol Sheesh Mark is on edge lately huh, Aging badly or the heat or the comments from people is making you quite defensive huh, Chill Buddy, When I said no one I meant people users not Tech Podcasts which we know every another week they hype certain items to sell. anyways No hard feelings

I still can’t get over the cheap looking plastic seam on folding part for these phones. But I’m also a die hard iPhone user since iPhone 1 so don’t take my word lol. I Remember when i had to go to customs just to clear it myself, it was a huge hassle. But at the time I was prob one of the few ppl in Kuwait that had an actual iPhone!

What happened to my comment did I make a mistake make a heavy political joke or sthg? I defo politely expressed my personal opinion in regards to the (imo inherently goofy) flip phone hype, I even end my post by telling ppl not to take my advice being partial to iPhones as day one early adopter esp in kwt!
Alsk I actually like some androids (the small ones that are near iPhone mini sized and ones that are much cheaper while being up there in quality with other higher end androids even iPhones). I don’t even say “duck” or sthg

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