Event: The Monstar Show

Post by Mark

Monstariam are three guys who were united by their shared passion for creating art. This exhibition is their first and will feature a multitude of artworks from intricately designed canvas posters to framed A4 prints and original sketches to exclusive bespoke vehicles.

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Hamra Tower wins 2nd place in Skyscraper Award

Post by Mark

The winners of the 2011 Emporis Skyscraper Award was recently announced and Kuwait’s Hamra Tower came in second place. The Emporis Skyscraper Award is a renowned architecture prize for new skyscrapers and the winners were chosen from over 220 skyscrapers completed in 2011. The tower that came in first place was the 8 Spruce Street which looks pretty impressive as well. [Link]

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Designer Needed

Post by Mark

A friend of mine runs a local women’s fashion magazine and is looking for full time graphic designer (preferably female) to work on the magazine layout. If you’re interested send her an email mkjaafar@gmail.com

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Pneumatic_Grove by StudioToggle

Post by Mark

StudioToggle is a design studio for Kuwaiti architect Hend Almatrouk and Gijo Paul George. They’re the same team behind the coolest movie theater design I’ve ever seen which I posted about last year.

The same team have now created a temporary pavilion called Pneumatic_Grove, which they’ve installed infront of the National Library of Kuwait facing the Gulf Road. It is part of the Housing Sessions conference which started a few days back at the National Library. The pavilion is an urban intervention which comments about the inaccessible landscapes of Kuwait. The official opening for the pavilion was two days back but it will be running until tomorrow the 8th of November. If you’re also interested, they’re having panel discussion about the pavilion today at 4PM as well.

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The Avenues launch new ugly logo

Post by Mark

Their old logo (above) was not that great but their new one (below) is just horrible. They should have just hired the agency that did the 360 Mall branding.

Getting close to the opening of The Avenues new districts and our plans for future expansion of The Avenues we created a new iconic logo with a distinct personality that conveys a more abstract thought of simplicity and boldness. It’s an interactive logo with maximum flexibility for messaging.

Iconic? Don’t think so.

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The Arabic Clock

Post by Mark

Maybe it’s because its 3AM right now but I found the clock above super cool. It was taken by a friend of mine at The Zoo Concept in Dubai. [Link]

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NUQAT: Kuwait Design Conference Teaser

Post by Mark


Nuqat is currently taking place right now and finishes in 2 days time so if you still want to attend a workshop or lecture you still might be able to. [Link]

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NUQAT: Kuwait Design Conference 2012

Post by Mark

The NUQAT design conference is taking place this year from October 4th to October 9th. There will be a ton of lectures and workshops to suit everyones interest. Below are the speakers participating this year:

Theatre Director

Architect, founder and partner of AGI architecture – Kuwait

A world renowned branding designer, based

Internationally acclaimed graphic designer and typographer based in Holland

Co-founders at Kashida, Lebanese product design studio

Political mixed media artist from Lebanon

Kuwaiti Architect, Founder of Bab Nimnim

Emirati product designer

Kuwaiti jewelry designer, founder of the label, Octium

Up & coming product designer from Saudi Arabia

Senior Trend analyst at NYC based marketing company Fathom+Hatch

Emirati Photographer and Artist

Iranian published Writer & Photographer

Fashion Designer, owner of Noon

Global design agency creator from Marakesh

Graphic Designer, Artist, Instructor, and Founder of Fikra

Acclaimed Type Designer Founder of “29 Arabic Letters”

Jewelry Designer

For more information or to register visit the NUQAT website [Here]

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The New Kuwait University

Post by Mark

I’ve driven by the site and I have to say it’s going to be HUGE. [YouTube]

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Rem Koolhaas to Design a Translucent Luxury Megastore

Post by Mark

Sheikh Majed Al-Sabah is planning on creating an 86,000-square-foot Exhibition Hall, scheduled to open in 2014 inside Kuwait City’s 360° Mall. Who is he getting to design the hall? The legendary Rem Koolhaas!

Like the glass cube that is Villa Moda, the new department store will consist of transparent facades, punctuated by circular cutouts to let in natural light. Unlike the average high-end mall, however, its design and programming will pay homage to its surroundings: Corridor-shaped shops reflect “the geometry of the Middle East,” WWD reported, with a special push towards spotlighting homegrown talents.

“We want to introduce the future Elie Saabs and Zuhair Murads,” Al-Sabah told the fashion industry paper. It’s a timely decision, in light of the Arab Spring uprisings. As a result of the region’s tumultuous political climate, there has been increased interest among denizens in local leisure activities and, consequently, local art as security concerns in cities like Beirut and Cairo have kept would-be travelers grounded.

Here is a link to the full article [Link]

Note: Dear Sheikh Majed, please let me know when Rem Koolhaas is in Kuwait so he can sign my S,M,L,XL book!

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