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Over the weekend Uber launched their services in Beirut which means Uber is now available in Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Uber is probably going to launch in Kuwait one day but until they do there currently is a service running in Kuwait that is kinda like Uber, it’s called Easy Taxi.

Easy Taxi is an app that’s available on iOS, Android and Windows phones and once you install it and sign up allows you to request a taxi. If you’re not familiar with how Uber or other taxi apps work its pretty simple. Whenever you need a cab you launch the app which will automatically pinpoint your location. Once your location is found a button becomes active allowing you to request a cab. When you click the button it starts scanning the area looking for available taxis. I tried it when I was at Sultan Center in Shaab and found 5 taxis in my vicinity. I confirmed the cab request and it told me the cab was 7 minutes away and that I could chat with the driver or give him a call if I needed to. The app also gave me the cars description and license plate number so I could recognize it once it arrives.

It’s pretty similar to Uber taxi except for the fact you can’t get a fare quote before requesting the cab nor can you pay for your cab using your credit card or PayPal account. But, until Uber comes to Kuwait this is a pretty good alternative. For more information on Easy Taxi just visit their website [Here]

Thanks Roberto

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  1. ahmed says:

    Kuwait, home of the bootleg!

  2. Yousef says:

    I use Uber in London and New York, for one reason : the variety of the cars they have…

    I don’t think it will work in kuwait properly ..

    NOTE; they ask me for my VISA, no paypal


  3. Ashraf says:

    The idea is pretty cool..
    I’ve used this app a couple of times.. the service is pretty ok..

    but there there are a few pros n cons though.

    its safer.. specially for ladies as the taxi information is in hand.

    but in kuwait we dont pay by the meter.. we decide in advance.. n with the app its not possible..

    the other day i gave the guy 2 KD but he asked for 3..
    and also, in the app you cant mention where you wanna go..

  4. jake says:

    The Kuwait Government will push UBER dead so fast you wont even know it had a “Launch” Taxi’s don’t like competition, and also a Private driver in kuwait will be 10x more expensive, taxi from Salwa to Salmiya is already 2.5KD so how much do you think a private driver (UBER) will charge you? i would estimate it about 4 or 5KD … people will not pay that, they would rather call up their usual taxi guy to come pick them up, like all the people here in Kuwait do that do not drive around.

    i do travel to the U.S alot, and im actually traveling to California in a few days, and i must say i absolutely love UBER
    it’s much cheaper than the Local Taxi’s they have over there, and i have the freedom to pay with my PayPal account and not have to worry if i have enough cash in my wallet.

    UBER would work in Kuwait, IF there was not so many taxi’s already and the prices would be less than a usual taxi for the cheaper UBER. because in 2011 there is a company that has SUV Taxi’s (Pajero’s)and their already around 7-8KD a trip Minimum… so imagine if you get a SUV UBER in kuwait, imagine what that would cost you :)

    • Mark says:

      Well it really depends what country you’re in. Uber in London is not cheap, its one of the most expensive options you can get. In Paris Uber is slightly more expensive than a regular taxi. Plus depending on what country you’re in, you could have up to three different Uber options to choose from regular cars to nicer ones with the nicer ones costing a lot more.

      In Kuwait Uber would be a more premium option, they wouldn’t want to compete with regular taxis here in the same way they’re not going to be competing with regular taxis in Lebanon or regular taxis in Dubai.

    • Mohsiur says:

      When did taxi rides from sawa to Salmiya become 2.5? Haven’t been in Kuwait since January but i usually pay 1.5KD, used to pay 1KD the summer before that :(

  5. Meh says:

    Most of the Taxi companies are owned by people in MoI or have good connections with people there. So yeah no Uber.
    Plus rape, theft, kidnapping, etc.

  6. Shiekha says:

    Dear sir,

    I used UBER for several places over world. This service was extremely amazing. Unfortunately, this service is not available in Kuwait state for this reasons:

    – In Kuwait everyone has car and easy to get to anyplace.
    – Uber company should open branch in Kuwait and have special employee to work probably.

    at the end, this is great Taxi service you can choose if you want to use Taxi to reach your destination.

    best regards ,,,

  7. Nab says:

    Here is a better option http://www.careem.com

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