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Post by Mark

Thanks to Simply Stinni for finding this, it has to be the strangest local website so far (stranger then even!). Order your maid house keeper online now! [Link]

Note: Check out the catalogue

Update: Site seems to be down at the moment..

Update: Seems if you view the site using Internet Explorer you can’t see the links on the left side. Interesting.. a site optimized just for Firefox.. Here are direct links to the catalogue:
Sri Lanka
India (Specialized)

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  1. Yazeed says:

    intersting and strange
    where is the catalogue?

  2. Yazeed says:

    hmm, the links on the left dont show on my IE, but they show on firefox, notify nbk :)

  3. Mark says:

    hehe well then i will post links manually

  4. Ran says:

    can view the links thru IE on my pc.

  5. Yazeed says:

    i still cant

  6. iDip says:

    I checked the website, and they have copies of passports, scanned and shown online!
    I don’t know if this is legal…
    anyone has any idea about that?

  7. Mark says:

    i found that strange also! Isn’t a passport something personal? I mean i wouldnt want people to see my passport photo…

  8. oao says:

    Catalogue!!… thats mean these are people no one deserves to be sold like that… i think something must be done to maid agencies q8 … walla 7aram it’s almost like slavery they get paid so little and some get tortured alot not to mention all the work they do in our homes for a lousy 40kd!!

  9. tj says:

    oao thanks- thats exactly how I feel. Its good to know theres people out there with moral values

  10. bubarak says:

    40kd? dont know about that, every new maid we’ve had in our house has never been paid less than 70, the current 3 are being paid 110, 90 and 90.

    keep in mind that all maids get free accomodation and meals, meaning their money is mostly sent by them to their families back home, and even 40KD is a lot in those countries.

    but still, i do object to this site and the cruelty that they are subjected to in some homes here. but for some of them, the living conditions here in q8 are 100 times better than back in their homes. ive been to sri lanka and india and the locals there have said it themselves.

  11. eVoLuTiOn says:

    I completely agree with oao! They are people not some item to be sold in a shop or something!

  12. Mark says:

    no one here agrees with the website neither is anyone here supporting it.

  13. CyberRowdy says:

    sorry…I dont want to employ a 106 year old maid!

    on the form:…(for all or most of them)

    check the date of birth….also, the passport is issued on 1900 and expired also in 1900….

    wow! this is funny….born on 01-jan-1900, passport given same day…and expired also on the same day!

    ridicoulous website…whats this some kinda commodity they are selling online? if yes, let them take visa or knet as the payment method….idiots…

  14. CyberRowdy says:

    and “FREST TIME”…lol…this is really funny..

  15. Dudester says:

    Dude, that website’s seriously messed up. It’s derogatory & insensitive. It’s like, they are hawking some wares.

  16. moe says:

    People who do torture should be scared of this mighty Lord that as you sow so shall you reap.These people will get the same treatment in grave.So shame on the people who physically and mentally abuse maids. Just because they get a better life here doesn’t mean the fact that people who hire these maids should abuse them. THey are human beings like us but as always nationality comes into place.

  17. za3abi says:




  18. Not funny says:

    For God’s Sake how could you include this under, shopping and funny?!

  19. Mark says:

    cuz u “shop” for a maid online and its silly

  20. gerard says:

    40kd-120kd is nothing nowadays in india with the ressesion going on maids in kuwait is another form of human trafficing its morally disgusting (an indian in kuwait)

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