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Holga Season

A friend of mine at work just came back from Spain and while there she got me a gift from the Lomography Shop. This reminded me of my Holga camera which I haven’t used since the last time the sky was blue. Shooting outdoor pictures in Kuwait during the summer sucks because we don’t have blue skies neither do we have any clouds. This is why my favorite time of the year to take pictures is during the winter.

Holga is this really cheap camera I bought awhile back which takes pictures using medium format film. Since the camera is cheap the pictures have this really strange feel and effect to them which ends up making all the pictures look really trendy.

I have some pictures I shot with the camera attached to this post which I took 2 years ago at Marina Mall and as you can see you could never achieve the same with a digital camera. Now the coolest thing about the Holga is the price, it costs just $20 on Amazon. Thats a really good deal. [Amazon Link]

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Holga in Lebanon

Holga in Lebanon

I took my Holga Camera with me to Lebanon and while I was there I took some pictures. A bunch came out a bit blurry I am guessing either because I wasn’t holding the camera steady enough or the fact that the focus system on this $20 camera isn’t very reliable. Some pictures turned out interesting and I am really starting to get a handle on this camera. Its terrible for indoor shots (no flash, shutter speed 1/100 with 8f, my film is iso 100) but does a great job during the day outdoor. Its definitely a landscape camera. Here are my favorite pictures from my trip. [Link]

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Holga – Color Shots

Holga Colored

I just developed my first roll of colored film with my Holga camera and the results turned out to be pretty impressive. I really prefer color over black & white shots any day and if you compare my shots this time around to my previous black & white ones you can see why. The colors turned out very vibrant and the Holga effects were more obvious this time around. Click on more to see some other pictures.

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First Shots with my Holga

I just got my first shots with the Holga today. Results were fairly decent. I like the square format of the photos but in general the photos look like they could have been taken by any camera. I guess thats a good thing since this camera did cost me only $20. I was hoping to see more weird effects like the picture above if you notice the bottom left area of the picture you can see it blur a bit. Now that I know the camera is working I am going to load it up with some cheap color medium format film and take some more shots. If you would like to see 3 more photos click on more.

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My Holga

holga 120n

I finally got my Holga camera yesterday and it feels as cheap as I was expecting it to be. For a $20 medium format camera I wasn’t expecting it to be anything more. My Holga is a 120N which is the latest version of the Holga and has a number of features and improvements over the older 120S . Bulb mode and two aperture settings, sunny and cloudy (f11 and f8) are the most important new features for me. The packaging it arrived in was equally as cheap which was very fitting. The whole camera feels like a Burger King kids meal giveaway. Once I got the camera I went and purchased black & white medium format film. It cost me 750fils (like $2.5) and I can take 12 shots with it if I shoot my pictures in 6x6cm format or 16 shots if I shoot at 6×4.5cm. I chose black & white randomly just to see how the outcome would be. I started taking pictures today and once I have them developed I will post the pictures here. For now you can check out pictures of the camera below.

Holga Front Shot
Holga Back Shot
Holga Box
Holga with iPod Video

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Holga Medium Format Camera


I have been wanting to shoot with medium format film for like forever but I was never able to because the camera I wanted was too expensive. I wanted the Hasselblad 503CW which costs around KD1000 in Kuwait (like $3000) which is too much to pay for something I might end up not using that much. Even a second hand older Hasselblad 501 cost hundreds of dollars on eBay. So I put my dream of shooting 6×6 pictures aside until I found out about the Holga. The Holga I believe is the cheapest medium format camera you can buy, It is very cheaply built and takes 6×4.5cm or 6x6cm shots. The lens is made from cheap plastic the same way the whole camera body is also made of cheap plastic. There are also not allot of options on the camera either, it has a fixed shutter speed and a fixed aperture, the only thing you can control is the focus and even that has only 4 options. So how much does this camera cost? Believe it or not only $19 without flash and $29 with flash. Thats like super cheap. Now the coolest part of the Holga camera is the pictures. Because of the way the camera is cheaply built the effects you get on the pictures are amazing, they look like pictures that were shot by your parents back when Madonna was still a virgin and Michael Jackson still black. I already ordered mine from Amazon without flash of course since I don’t think I have ever used flash. Once I get it I will take a couple of pictures and post them on this site. Until then here are two galleries of pictures taken by the Holga camera.

Gallery 1 (Colored Shots)
Gallery 2 (Black & White Shots)

Click here to check out the Holga on Amazon

Gossip & Rumors

Bungee Jumping at Marina Mall?

According to a post on FogTa7t there will be a Bungee Jumping Festival at Marina Mall next month. I’ve never bungee jumped before so hopefully it’s the proper stuff so I can finally try it out.

Check out their post for more details. [Link]


248AM Garage Sale

Since I’m planning to get the Nikon D800 when it gets released this month I decided to get rid of some things that I haven’t used in years. So below are all the things I’m current selling in the forum, kinda like a digital garage sale.

Nikon D90 with 18-105mm Lens SOLD
NeoGeo with 20 Games SOLD
11 Xbox360 and 1 PS3 Game SOLD
Muji CD Player SOLD
Ethernet over power adapters + routers bundle SOLD
Sakhr MSX2 with 20 Games SOLD
12 Game Gear Games SOLD
Panasonic 3DO with 20 Games SOLD
Game Cube with 2 Games SOLD
Coleco Vision with 17 Games and Racing Wheel SOLD
Sega Dreamcast + 4 joypads + fishing rod + keyboard + mouse SOLD
Apple TV 40GB SOLD
Wifi Extenders and Routers bundle SOLD
Holga Medium Format camera + 35mm waterpoof camera SOLD
Nine Eagles Solo Helicopter SOLD

If you’re interested in any of the items and don’t want to sign up to the forum then [Email Me]

Update: A lot of the items have now been sold so I’ve updated the list above.

Update2: All the items have now been sold!

Personal Travel

I’m Coming Home

I just came back from dinner. It was great, I went to a place called Roadster with 6 hot chicks (including Nat) and I was the only guy. Really cool.

Tomorrow we are coming back to Kuwait. I can’t wait since Kuwait is more my home then Lebanon is. At the moment I feel like a tourist here living out of my suitcase… which is actually true so I can’t wait to get back to my own home and my own car.

I didn’t take as many pictures as I was hoping to. Nat bought 6 DV tapes before we left and we managed to use only 10 minutes from the first tape. I took only a handful of pictures with my digital camera while I managed to finished 2 rolls of medium format film using my Holga. For some reason taking pictures and video wasn’t on our to do list.

This I believe is my last post from Lebanon, hopefully the next one will be from Kuwait.

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Whats on my back

eastpak little beaver

I got a new Eastpak backpack called the Little Beaver. Its from the Breakaway series made specially for traveling. Its made for people who go on short business trips because there is room to put clothes in it. I currently don’t have any clothes in my backpack but I do have the following:

– iPod Video
– Sony PSP
– Shure E2 earphones
– Sennheiser PX100 headphones
– Parker black pen
– Nikon D70
– Holga
– 4 rolls of film
– My eastpak camera bag (yes bag in a bag)
– Power adapters and cables for the ipod and psp
– passports, cash and other documents
– Wired Issue 13.12

For pictures of the bag [click here]
The bag cost me KD32 and I purchased it from Eastpak in Salmiya opposite Marina Mall.
With all the stuff above there is still a ton of room left!

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The 2:48AM Holiday Gift Guide

christmas guide

Christmas is coming up and I have decided to put together a gift guide. I chose items that were good deals, my taste and affordable. If you want to buy something for a friend and not pay too much you have that option, while if you want to buy something for a family member and pay more you also have that option.

All items below are linked to

Dear Valued Customer: You Are A Loser ($10)
Sas Survival Guide ($9)
Sneakers: The Complete Collectors’ Guide ($19)
DPM Disruptive Pattern Material ($126)

Digital Camera
Canon Powershot A520 ($174)

MP3 Player
Apple 2GB iPod Nano ($194)

Apple 12″ iBook ($999)

Nirvana – With the Lights Out ($41)
Alice in Chains – Music Bank ($45)

Video Games
Sony PSP ($250)
Gameboy Micro ($90)

Season 1 & Season 2 of Arrested Development ($42)
Star Wars Trilogy ($45)
Sex and the City – The Complete Series ($194)

iRobot Roomba ($149)

Fun & Cheap
Holga Medium Format Camera with flash ($29)
20Q Challenge ($35)
Tamagotchi Connection ($15)
Real Lights Sound Arena ($40)
Rubik’s Cube ($7)
Magic 8 Ball ($8)

Sennheiser PX 100 Headphones ($45)
Moleskine Small Plain Notebook ($15)
Harman Kardon Soundsticks 2 ($109)

More items might be added later…

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Ramp Rebels they are not

Just got back from Marina Crescent. I went to have lunch there and check out the Ramp Rebel Tour which was being held there this weekend. I have to say I have seen both Ozzy and my brother skateboard with more passion and skill while playing around at home then the two skateboarders I saw lazily play the half pipe. Maybe they were tired or bored but they were definitely not interesting to watch. I stayed there for like 20 minutes watching them just go up and down the half pipe dully and then falling half the time without doing anything. The only reason I stayed that long was because I was trying to find some shots to take with my Holga camera. I think I got some cool shots and once I develop the pictures I will post them here. I used colored film this time around.

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Black & White Film

Just a quick update on my Holga. I just gave in my first role of black & white film to Boushari. Its going to cost me around KD5.500 to develop 12 pictures. Turns out they charge 4 times the regular amount to develop black & white pictures because they have to develop them manually. So in conclusion these 12 random pictures I took better be fucking good and even if they are this is the last time I will shoot with black & white since the whole Holga experience is supposed to be dirt cheap. I never liked black & white photography during university so I don’t know why I bothered to try it again now. Anyway while there I picked up some colored film, cost me only 550fils, really cheap.