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Watching Formula 1 in Kuwait (2022 Edition)

Every couple of years I post an update on the easiest way to watch Formula 1 and this year has gotten a tad bit easier because there is now an F1 TV app for the Apple TV. F1 TV is the best way to watch Formula 1 since it’s their official streaming app and has a lots of great features and F1 content. The only issue is that it doesn’t work in Kuwait, but there is a way to get around that.

Firstly, you need to get an F1 TV Pro subscription. You can’t use your credit card because it won’t accept Kuwait based cards so you’re going to need an Apple device and have a US Apple Store account. If you have those two then can subscribe to F1 TV from inside the F1 TV app and pay for the subscription using your Apple Store account.

The biggest change over my previous post is the F1 TV app for Apple TV. You don’t even need a VPN if you already use SmartDNS to access streaming services like HBO, Hulu, Disney etc. If you don’t have SmartDNS then you need to get one, I use Smart DNS Proxy (affiliate link) and it’s around $5 a month.

Once you have your SmartDNS set up, it’s just a matter of launching the app whenever there is a race and you’re set. Easy.

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How is the streaming quality on the Apple TV for you? For the past two races the streaming quality on the Apple TV app has been horrible, found it better to stream it on my laptop. I’ve got Zain 5G and smart DNS too.

Didn’t watch yesterdays on Apple TV since I’m in saudi now but the bahrain race was fine although every now and then it would get pixelated but figured it’s cuz of my connection speed

The easiest way to watch it without vpns is to subscribe to sports on Shahed VIP they live stream the races.

Mbc action showed the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix yesterday, but I think they didn’t show the Bahraini one..?

F1TV Pro is really worth it if you plan on watching the F1 races. You get exclusive views from the cars in the main stream, it is commentated by the best guys, you can select each driver’s view whenever you want, you get access to lots of graphs including the split times for each driver, their tyres and how many laps they’ve done on them as well as a live map of all the drivers on the track. You also get access to all the past races in the archive. Definitely worth it!

Let’s go RedBull!

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