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Watching Formula 1 in Kuwait (2020)

The 2020 Formula 1 season finally kicked off last week after being delayed due to the Corona pandemic. The second race of the season is taking place later today but like last year, you’re pretty limited to how you can watch it here in Kuwait. The only network in our region that broadcasts the races is MBC Action but it’s in Arabic and I couldn’t find a way to stream it online. The other (and better) option is watching it directly on F1 TV.

I’ve posted about F1 TV before but I mentioned you needed a U.S. credit card to sign up since live broadcasts aren’t available for Kuwait. But, my U.S. credit card expired and I still haven’t gotten my replacement card so I was worried I wouldn’t be able to subscribe again this season. Turns out you don’t need a U.S. credit card!

If you’re on an Apple device and have a US Apple Store account, then you can subscribe to F1 TV from inside the app and pay for the subscription using your Apple Store account. It’s a neat loophole that should make Formula 1 broadcasts easily accessible to more people.

So if you’re an F1 fan and want to watch the races, download the F1 TV app.

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Good info 👍 I’m kinda satisfied with Mbc (I don’t need much commentary lol) but the broadcasted team radios are quite low volume, I barely hear a thing

You can do this with pretty much anything – HBO Max, CBS all Access etc etc. Get a US account, buy credit from Xcite and you’re sorted. You can even switch your account back to your normal one and the american channels and apps will still work.

Another option is to subscribe to Shahid VIP for 11.6KD a year, stream live MBC HD channels “MBC Action HD” plus movies and tv shows too, it’s on most of the devices that you already have ( they have just released an app for Apple TV too )

Not sure on the English Commentary though

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