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Wiyak is a new cab booking app similar to Uber. I’ve previously posted about a number of similar premium rides apps including Grand Limo, Draewil and Rove. Draewil and Rove were the two I was using the most until Draewil closed down which sucked because I prefer having more than one app to pick from since I usually go with the one that will arrive the fastest to me.

I don’t really use cabs much only when I’m picking up or dropping a car off at my garage. Every now and then I might use them if I have a meeting somewhere in the city where I know the parking situation is a mess. What I like about these premium ride apps is that they obviously make ordering a cab an easy process but I also like the fact the cars are premium since I end up looking forward to the comfotable ride. Last week I decided to try Wiyak out when I needed to pick up my car from the garage and it’s everything I’ve grown to expect from these services.

The Wiyak app is pretty much similar to Rove and simple to use, there was also a cab nearby so I had to wait less than 10 minutes to get picked up. The car was a new Mercedes S Class so nice and fancy, and the price was pretty much the same as Rove. Not sure what else to say. I don’t think they’re bringing anything new to the table, but I like the fact I’m back to having two apps to pick from.

My trip from Salmiya to Al-Rai cost KD6.720 which is pretty much exactly the same I paid for the same trip with Rove. If you’re a Rove customer and like me are looking for a Plan B when you need a cab urgently, download the Wiyak app by visiting

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I guess these are targeted at the 1% who want to break the monotony of driving their luxury sports cars. But there is such a huge potential to streamline the regular cabs to provide an affordable ride with a set standard of cleanliness and customer service. Why is it taking Kuwait so long to get this right?

It wasn’t happening for months in 2020, but started working again in 2021. Also, there’s a Careem Comfort car option I haven’t tried.

Ya they do which is really cool if you have a bunch of things to do and need a driver handy. They also have three car categories with different price ranges whereas I believe rove only has one option.

Not really 1%. Cab’s drivers dont speak english. Most have problem with the AC. Most have the typical smell of the driver. Cab’s have the fame of not being save for women alone specially if they’re dressed for nights out. I think is more oriented to medium wage wifes that cannot have a driving license.

I love these apps since this is aimed at the high end of the market, I use these apps occasionally but, where is the Lexus ES trim? Careem has either corolla taxi you can go a bit higher with if I recall right Careem black, which is either chevy impala or Hyundai sonata which is not much higher than corolla in my opinion.

I have used Wiyak multiple times and overall it is a much better option than any other platform in Kuwait. You have car type options with Wiyak and all of their cars are super clean and comfortable. The drivers are really professional as well. I also love the fact that you can rent a car with a driver for multiple hours. Their app is really user friendly. Wiyak is definitely my go-to option and their prices are great.

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