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ROVE Car Booking App

ROVE is a local car booking app similar to Uber. It’s a lot more upscale than the street cabs and more in line with the likes of Draewil. Before the pandemic, I was flip-flopping between ROVE and Draewil depending on which had a cab closer to me but Draewil hasn’t reopened yet (I think they’ve closed down for good they’re going to be back September) so currently ROVE is the only car booking service I’d use.

Like I mentioned in my Draewil review, I don’t use cabs a lot, usually only when dropping one of my cars off to the garage so I don’t mind spending the extra amount of money for comfort and right now, safety. I actually don’t think ROVE is even that expensive compared to the experience you’re getting in return. A trip from my garage in Kuwait City to Salmiya cost me KD4.5, but I was picked up in a brand new Range Rover, there was a bottle of hand sanitizer in the rear cupholder alongside a water bottle, I had a charging cable, lots of legroom, the driver wore a face mask the whole time and the whole service is very professional.

I’m actually not sure if ROVE have other cars since every time I’ve used them I’ve been picked up in a Range Rover. Depending on where you are the time it takes for their car to reach you will vary, yesterday it took 8 minutes for the car to arrive after I requested one. For payment, you can either set up your credit card in the app, pay by cash or pay by KNET. If you’re looking for a premium cab service, I’d highly recommend ROVE right now. Here is a link to their website with the app download links. [Link]

They’re also on Instagram @rideroveapp

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According to the driver today, they do both pickup and drop off to the airport. Please don’t quote me on this though. I have to try it to be certain.

My last ride with draewil was awful, the chauffeur smelled and I just ended the ride and got out in the middle of the road. Draewil’s cars were run down tbh and i was pissed that they don’t bother with the little things like teaching the chauffeurs how to bloody go over speed bumps and they don’t bother purchasing the optional pillows for the headrests on the S classes while I’ve never been in an uber lux that didn’t have it. It does sound incredibly snobby but the only thing i liked about draewil was that it matched common taxi prices, i wasn’t keen on their app, the intro was rather vulgar. Does Al-Ghanim own this new app? They are only using Al-Ghanim cars if im not mistaken.

Your description of their cars being “rundown” is pretty odd considering their cars were all a year or two old. But whats more odd is the fact you said their priced matched common taxi prices because Draeweil like ROVE is around 3 times more expensive than regular cabs. If you hadn’t mentioned the S Class would have assumed you might have confused them with Careem or something but I’m pretty sure you didn’t.

When i rode the S class the dampers where extremely off. The car wobbled and clunked after the speed bump which I’m pretty sure is due to the graceful way they ride a speed bump, I thought for a moment that i might be at a steeplechase. Also I’m pretty sure i paid as much as a regular taxi, it costed 5 kd to the airport which is similar to what i pay from my area to the airport.

Agree to the above, I’ve used both services and Draewils cars were definitely run down in comparison to Rove. Also I’m pretty sure I was always charged more on Draewil in comparison to Rove for a lesser standard car. To answer your question apart from the typical Range Rover, I’ve been picked up in a BMW 7-series with Rove so I would assume they’re owned by Al-Ghanim.

What about Careem? I tried them a couple of times in Kuwait and they are OK, especially since last year you can pick the cheapest option, you will get street caps, the rates i got were really cheapest i paid for a taxi in Kuwait.

Also in 2017 when they resumed working in Kuwait, they gave me “Eid gift” which was 10 KWD Talabat gift card (they gave me that twice!)

* like everybody else, i had my share of issues with Careem in several countries in the region…

I tried Them once but wasn’t very impressed. The driver couldn’t pick up my exact location in Kuwait City and kept driving past me.

Grandlimo app i have always tried and never failed. APP at times due to upgrade i guess , but it works in a try .. car smells awesome!! Keep the good job guys @q8grandlimo

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