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18 Years Blogging Anniversary

February marks two blogging anniversaries for me. February 6th, 2003 is the date I published my first blog post on my first blog, and February 19th, 2005 is the day I published my first blog post on this blog.

Last year should have been the most challenging year of the blog since being stuck at home and not going out as much should have hampered my ability to post about stuff. But, looking at the data, last year I published 415 posts compared to 442 the previous year so it wasn’t that bad and that’s probably due to the fact there were a lot of Covid related posts. I got nearly 4,000,000 page views last year with the busiest month being May. May is when we had the full 24-hour lockdown with the 2 hours to go out and mingle, that’s also when private supermarkets became available on

I still wake up every morning at 7AM to publish my posts before heading to work. It’s a good routine that has been working really for me. I also just realized I’ve been blogging for nearly half my life, such a bizarre feeling.

Anyway, thank you to all my readers, hopefully, this year is going to be a lot better for everyone.

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Great to know what sort of content was being posed back in the days when you first started out. Also, what made you decide on the name “”?

Your blog and I share the same birthday hehe
Just like it’s been your routine to post in the morning before heading to work, it’s been my personal routine to check your blog once I get to work, for years now.
The way I see it, you are an actual influencer, most people I know (myself included) go to places recommended by you, know about things through you, and get to really know Kuwait with you.
Keep going!

Congratulations on the anniversary of your blog. Your most valuable quality is the consistency you’ve had all these years, and that is commendable *clap-clap-clap*

Congratulations Mark and Happy Anniversary! Thank you for being consistent! 🙂 Here’s to many more years of blogging!

Happy Anniversary & Congratulation Mark. Its not easy to do what you are doing, a big appreciation. Have a blessed year!!!

Happy Anniversary Mark.. 248AM has been a constant in my life for a long time now.

Through all the color changes and banner re-do’s one thing has always remained true.; fresh new informative content every time and Happy Shani Day on the 14th of Feb 😉

Your blog has kept me in touch with Kuwait no matter where in the world I am. Never once felt that hey I missed out on stuff in Kuwait coz through 248 AM you always know what’s happening in the neighborhood.

Keep up the good work and wish you many many more happy anniversaries

still the only “blog” i actually check from time to time. everything nowadays is on social media and switching to videos’s nice to be able to read solid info esp to catch up on all current things in this land from before time lmao

Mabrook – as a Kuwaiti with Arabic challenges who’s back in K-town after too many years – my congratulations on your super helpful blog buddy – your updates are always on point and always appreciated

Happy Anniversary, Mark! I’ve been a reader since 2010 or so and even though I don’t live in Kuwait anymore, your blog gives me a taste of what’s happening in a country that was home. Your content consistency and quality is deeply appreciated.

If they ever nominate you for Mayor of Salmiya, I am coming back to cast my vote and campaign for you!

I am new to Kuwait and your blog has helped me find and explore many new places and be a part of conversations at work.

Keeping up with Mark has been great these past years. Looking forward to more if I can manage to stick around. Congratulations!

Damn, that was a trip down memory lane, reading couple of the old blog posts, reminded me of Nat who I used to see a lot of on your blogs. From the time you tried to give the guy who got her, her driving license via wasta the mobile which he didn’t like and wanted a KD 100+ phone, to when you stopped on gulf road to take a picture of an accident during Ramadan and due to it being iftar time, they just left a car there with sirens blazing and took off. Reminded me of simpler times, wonder where they all went?

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