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Recreational Activities are now Banned on the Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Causeway

Another week another ban. Over the weekend there was a tragic incident on the Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Causeway, a group of cyclists were riding in front of their support and safety vehicle when a car carelessly overtook the vehicle, hitting and killing a cyclist before fleeing the scene.

This was the second time a rider got killed on the bridge. In 2020 a similar accident occurred resulting in the bridge being open only to cyclists on Friday mornings. That turned out to be a temporary solution since Friday mornings reopened to cars again soon after.

Because of the death, a decision was made yesterday to ban all recreational activities on the bridge. Meaning no more cycling, running or any other form of activity anymore.

It’s a really frustrating situation. On the one hand, it is dangerous to ride bicycles on the roads in Kuwait, any road no matter how big or small. Drivers are extremely careless with most nowadays driving with their eyes down at their phones instead of the road ahead. But also, the bridge should have been built with cycling and running lanes similar to most large bridges around the world.

As expected, cyclists in Kuwait are upset with the ban and they have a right to be since there are no bike paths in Kuwait. The only place I’m aware of which is long enough and safe enough for bikes is the Gulf Road walkway, but a couple of weeks ago there were rumours that bicycles were going to be banned on that pathway due to them being “a danger” to pedestrians (Update on this below). So what options do cyclists have?

What’s worse is that the bridge has become a popular spot for illegal car races, and people still tend to dangerously park their cars on the side of the bridge to take selfies.

The whole thing is very upsetting and frustrating but I hope the authorities realize that cycling is a fast-growing sport in Kuwait and needs support.

Update: Rumors regarding the ban of bicycles on the Gulf Road pathway are not true or at least the info being shared got lost in translation. The illegal rental of bicycles is whats not allowed and only illegally rented bicycles are being impounded. Source

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The only cycling I will ever consider in Kuwait is on a stationary bike in a gym while listening to Queen’s ‘Bicycle Race’ at full volume.
The one time I ventured on a bike, a car deliberately came and caused me to fall on the roadside.

Fully agree with the post. Almost every source of recreation for the youth is getting banned.

And where is that second picture from? It’s exactly what I was thinking of, place a thin barrier that makes the right lane sealed off

Oakland Bay Bridge. It’s not a lane of the bridge that’s closed off it’s a pathway built as part of the bridge. There needs to be protection separating the highway from walkway.

Ban came just as the weather was cooling down. I wonder how long before walking is banned in Shaheed Park!

On a serious note, it is frustrating to hear such accidents taking place on a bridge that leads to nowhere and barely has traffic on 🙁

Its sad and frustrating. What I don’t understand is why cant there be stricter punishments for using mobile phone while driving? Its pretty much become the norm now to drive with one hand and mobile in the other.

Also when will ppl understand that banning is not the solution to everything! smh!

I get so pissed at people on the roads, the other day there was a girl dancing and singing while driving at like 20km an hour weaving left and right on the gulf road shooting a tiktok video or something. And that’s become like a daily occurrence to the point I can tell people are whatsapping or doing something on their phone from the speed they’re driving or the fact they can’t keep a straight line.

Yeah, no kidding! And such drivers know pretty much how to obey the traffic rules when driving in foreign countries. When will these ppl realize that their actions puts not just them but also ppl around them at risk?

With or without phones, there’s an inherent arrogance to overtake or cut off a car on the road just to be first. Very prevalent here. I dont know what it stems from.

The accident and the ban are real sad news. Few years back, at some point of time, I got a bike and had few rides but I quickly realized that it is a big no no for such thing in Kuwait.
You don’t know whom to blame, the drivers, the roads, the laws, etc. Eventually, you would blame yourself for not realizing the issue and insisting on the ride in such conditions.

The ban is correct and should have been implemented at the beginning when the bridge opened. The bridge does not have separate paths for pedestrians nor cyclist. It is basically a highway over water. Do you walk or cycle on the highway?

^ This. The bridge was designed specifically for motor vehicles, not cycling nor walking. The fact that they haven’t banned the use of bicycles from day 1 is what’s puzzling. Nowhere in the world are cyclists allowed to cycle that close to traffic lanes with no protection barrier, let alone ON the same lanes, while cars are going 100km/h. You want more cycling lanes? Fine. 100% agree. But this bridge is not it.

When the bridge opened, weren’t there strict speeding restrictions? I’ve myself seen so many cameras – not just the overspeeding ones but CCTV as well.

How come no arrests of the illegal drag racers?

🤷🏼‍♂️ there are hundreds of CCTV cameras, multiple speed trap cameras and an average speed check points so no idea why it’s not being enforced.

It’s a temporary ban till they ensure similar incidents don’t happen. Agree with everything else in this post. The bridge should have been built with a pedestrian walkway and bicycle lane.

Yeah would have been nice, except with practically no restrictions placed on out-of-control maniac drivers here, I dont see how it would be deemed safe to cycle or walk there either way.
Even the emergency lane on the roads is not safe sadly, because so many idiots use it as a shortcut to drive faster.

The way people drive is uncivilized.

In my opinion even the cycle lane is dangerous until they enforce traffic discipline where no one is above the law. People fly cause everyone is in a “hurry” when they drive they don’t care for traffic fines. Also when they make it strict the traffic fines are only enforced seriously on expats saying they’ll deport them or cancel their license.

I say this cause when that extra cycle lane is created it’ll be just a lane for reckless drivers to overtake in crazy speeds which is still dangerous so without traffic laws taken super serious cycle lane is still dangerous.

Anyways if we get a cycle lane that’s at least a win in some way. Hope the cycle lane comes with a railing where cars can’t enter.

Not all bans are bad because its banned by Kuwait. In this case, its correct. This shouldn’t be compared to a bridge, it’s a highway over water where there are no cycling or walking lanes.
Saying that “it should have had cycling lanes”, is not logical since it initially wasnt intended for that purpose.

The fact that cyclists even considered riding there is foolish.

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