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Korea Grill is Back as The Kimchi

Earlier this year, Korea Grill, the small Korean restaurant in New Park Hotel closed down along with the hotel and so they were forced to relocate. Last week they finally reopened but this time at the Radisson Blu and they’ve rebranded to The Kimchi.

The Kimchi took over the location of the Polynesian restaurant Kon-Tiki which had opened back in 2004 when Radisson Blu used to be the Radisson SAS. I believe Kon-Tiki closed down over a decade ago (not sure) and I think its been empty ever since. I remember I saw the place when I got a tour of the hotel after they refurbished it, but I don’t recall what this space was being used for back then. The interior was always nice looking with lots of wood and bamboo and private rooms built to look like small Asian structures. The restaurant is located underneath the Al Boom ship and the hull of the ship is integrated into the interior. The Kimchi updated the space a bit and it still looks good although I do wish the lights were dimmed a bit to give the space a moodier feel.

The menu is pretty huge now so I’m assuming everything that was on the menu at Korea Grill is still there along with a lot more new items. I went for some Korean BBQ and ended up ordering their set menu of assorted cuts for 2-3 people. It was good but I felt it was overpriced at KD28 considering neither of us left full. I actually contemplated passing by Peacock to continue dinner there because I was still hungry. I didn’t want to order any more food at The Kimchi since the service was incredibly slow and disorganized. I know that’s normal for a place that just opened but it was still frustrating having to ask for things multiple of times or watching people get their drinks or food before us even though they had come in later. I couldn’t wait to leave honestly.

I’ll give the place at least month or two before I head back again, hopefully by then they would have worked out all the kinks. Right now The Kimchi is open daily for lunch from 12PM to 3PM and then again for dinner from 6PM to 10PM. The place is big with lots of seating so I don’t think you need reservations. For more information and photos check out their instagram account @q8koreagrill

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Thanks for the info! I love Korean food but don’t see many restaurants around – are there others that you might recommend more highly?

Always loved Korea Grill and will try out Kimchi, but there’s also:

Arirang (muthana complex)
and I haven’t tried it but Bonchon is Korean Fried Chicken (Korean fastfood) with some Korean staples like Bulgogi, Japchae, Bibimbap – More importantly they deliver

I tony El would like to make an official complaint to the kumshi restaurant. The staff was
very disrespectful as we walked in and were seated.
The Way they treat us as disrespectful and the
lack of service was very poor. It was an extremely inconvenience that Overall
the service was not good and we felt that we were all disrespected with the service and
professionalism of the staff.

I’m sorry I didn’t take your word. The service was horrible, disorganized, very frustrating. We ended up serving ourselves.
If you want to be stressed while dining, go to this place. You won’t enjoy the food.

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