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New Asian Supermarket – Yamama

Yamama is a new Asian supermarket that recently opened up and I dropped by yesterday to check it out. Although it lacks a variety of products, it was a pretty nice space and well organized. They don’t really have a lot of products but because it’s so close to two other Asian Supermarkets, Singarea and Ginza, you could essentially hop from one to another in one visit.

If you’re interested in checking it out, here is their location on Google Maps.

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I’ll suggest another Japanese store located in Mangaf.
Do give it a visit. Its WORTH IT! (because of the products they have)
Its called Kombini. (Idk the exact address but i remember its in block 4)

Tried out a few of their stuff. The coffees that had milk didn’t taste right, so I’m wondering if they were properly stored during transport. The other products were fine though. I’d stick to the foods that don’t require refrigeration.

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