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First Kuwaiti NFL Player Inducted into the Hall of Fame

Last year I posted about Maher Barakat, the first and only Kuwaiti to ever be drafted it to the NFL as well as being the first football player from his college to go pro. Maher broke college and division records and became really well known in his town back in the 1960s earning him the nickname Bear-Cat.

Last night, the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology decided to honor Maher with an induction into their hall of fame. The ceremony was streamed live and Maher’s grandson accepted the induction on his behalf with a heartwarming speech. As of this post, the induction ceremony is available to watch online at the following link (Maher gets inducted at the 51min mark)

If you missed the post on how Maher made it to the NFL, click here.

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One day, you my friend shall be celebrated appropriately and enter a Kuwaiti hall of fame for all the impressive stories you share and the light you shed on all these hidden Kuwaiti stories. Thanks Mark!

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