Haeng Bok – New Korean Supermarket

A new Korean supermarket opened up last week next to my place in Salmiya call Haeng Bok. It’s a pretty tiny place and it opened in the same place where the clothing store Rima used to be located for nearly 50 years.

Because of the size of the supermarket they only sell Asian products, so you’re not going to find Pepsi for example or any item you can find at your local Coop. That makes it easier to shop but I’m not sure if they have anything you haven’t already seen in Singarea. Because the store is smaller, it just feels more curated than Singarea.

For me this place is convenient because it’s a 2 minute walk from my place so I can drop in pick up noodles or chips easily. Not sure I’d recommend you drive all the way to old Salmiya and spend an hour looking for parking just to shop there, I think it opened just to cater to the neighborhood. If you want to pass by, here is the location on Google Maps. At the moment they’re open from 4PM to 12AM.

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closed down, owner retired. I think he’s been there ever since he moved to Kuwait (I’m friends with his kids so I could find out if you really need to know). His apartment used to be on top of the store back in the 70s and unrelated to my friendship with his kids, my parents were also friends with him and hung out his place a few times in the 70s. me later become friends with his kids was just a random coincidence.

Rima’s gone. The end of an era. Sad to see it go. Even ‘Beirut’ at the set of traffic lights near Palm Palace Hotel was such good eye candy. Alongside Wajeh, Moustache, Pavane & Mansourein all of who shuttered ages ago. They don’t make ‘em like that, anymore!

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