Discover Kuwait in Milan

Post by Mark

A reader who’s currently studying in Italy emailed me some photos of an exhibition called Discover Kuwait that’s currently taking place in the streets of Milan. According to him they’re there for a week promoting Kuwaiti culture with pictures, information and even with music and dance. Below are some pictures he took and you can find out more by visiting the Discover Kuwait website [Here]

Thanks Hadi

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  1. Marzouq says:

    Thats pretty good! There could be some minor improvements but overall really good!

  2. dougmacho says:

    don’t forget the part about cutting people in line and looking into every single car that you pass…….

  3. aaa says:

    What a random city to target lol

  4. hadi says:

    Actually not so random, milan is the fashion and design capital of the world…it attracts many ppl worldwide. So just the perfect spot to expose kuwait to the world

    • Jmul says:

      How would Kuwait benefit from being exposed to a bunch of fashionistas? IMO It’s better to focus on business destinations such as Shanghai or Moscow.

  5. desert sky says:

    Kuwait is just good enough for a day visit,but even that is pushing it a bit.Unless of course,you’ve never set foot in a mall.

    • dougmacho says:

      aha, you took my words.

      i do love kuwait city and how you there are randsome shopping complexes hidden in various buildings. i guess it has the most “culture” too.

      its sad to see so many american restaurants here….not even americans in america eat this crap….well…..maybe me, its just a tad bit better here.

    • med1st says:

      Then why are you living here i just came back from Sydney and three people one is Indian who is a Pharmacists and an Australian women and a Lebanese women if i have WASTA so they could work here and it`s not like they know nothing about Kuwait they did there research and i was surprised by how much they know about Kuwait.

  6. ~LE~ says:

    Thats one of the coolest things ever!!

    I love the way its so nicely done, like it shows they had a budget and not like “yallah here’s 100kd, make do!”

  7. A says:

    why would we want to promote kuwait.. who will visit us? why would they leave other cities around the world or other gcc countries and visit boring kuwait :).. waste of time.. instead of promoting they should first start fixing things internal :)

  8. Thuanayn says:

    Brilliant, To walk in one of the major touristic cities in world and specifically in a active spot to see your country’s photos and exhibition is absolutely amazing !

  9. med1st says:

    Thanks Mark for the pictures.

  10. Anfal says:

    That is UBER kooooool!!
    But i wish they would focus on improving things here before showing it off to the world

  11. Joory says:

    Wooow that’s amazing :)
    I feel a rush of happiness & pride seeing Kuwait’s flag internationaly

  12. amer says:

    صراحه شي حلو يدعو للفخر … احلى شي صوره علم الكويت المعلق

  13. Shesalfah says:

    ^_^ Lovely

    Happy to see everything about our beloved Kuwait <3

  14. salah says:

    I really love kuwait, but damn those pics makes me want to walk in milan streets!

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