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How Powerful is your Passport? (2020 Edition)

There have been a lot of changes compared to the last time I posted the Arton Capital Passport Index 5 years ago. Kuwait has moved up quite a bit on the list from 54th place back in 2015, to 36th place this year. Kuwaitis can now visit 34 countries without requiring a visa and they can also get visa on arrival in 38 other countries. Here are some countries with their rankings:

1 – New Zealand
4 – United Kingdom / Canada
13 – UAE
21 – United States
34 – Qatar
36 – Kuwait
41 – Bahrain
44 – Saudi Arabia
45 – Oman
58 – India
60 – Egypt
68 – Lebanon
74 – Syria
75 – Iraq

Want to see how your passport compares? Check out the full list here.

15 replies on “How Powerful is your Passport? (2020 Edition)”

Misleading list. The least powerful passport is in 75th place, but in total 199 countries are considered. Hence, it doesn’t give the actual picture, but only shows levels with multiple countries at the same level. For example, Afghanistan & Iraq should actually be in position 198 & not at 75.

How is it misleading? If there are 5 countries in 10th place that means all 5 have the 10th most powerful passport. This is how a ranking system works so the list is not misleading.

If there are 5 countries in the 10th place, they are all in the 10th place. But the next country in the list is in the 15th place and not in the 11th place.

If you look clearly you see that we’re in the 36th ‘order’ while there are around 75 or so countries higher than us.

Kuwait has the 36th most powerful passport and so in 36th place. I”m not understanding some of the logic here, it doesn’t matter how many countries are ahead. You can have more than one passport in the same position of power if they have equal offerings.

I think the confusion here is that in sports if two people win a race then they both receive a gold medal but the person that finishes behind them receives a bronze as they finished third and not second. Just a different way of measuring I guess. So yes Kuwait has the 36th most powerful passport in the world but there are over 70 countries with more powerful passports. Not very good in my opinion

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