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My Favorite Local TikTok Accounts

A lot of people dislike TikTok and I think it’s because they associate it with just videos of people dancing to cheesy music. I actually love TikTok to the point I avoid it because once I start watching videos I don’t stop until I start running out of battery. It’s pretty addictive, fun, and can also be informative. During the Mahboula lockdown for example I started following a few low-income workers who were living there and they basically were providing me with their point of view on how life was there during the lockdown. During the US riots recently TikTok was providing me with on the ground footage of what was happening there. But I also follow some completely stupid shit but that’s what makes TikTok so great, it’s whatever you want it to be.

My account is just filled with so much random (not even curated) stuff from various people living around Kuwait it’s become super entertaining especially now that TikTok knows what I like and so shows me more of the same. I tried to put together a list of some interesting accounts I follow and below are a few of them:

@sadiqleader – An employee at Jawad AlSaffar. It’s exactly what I’d expect their TikTok to be except it’s his personal account and it’s in Indian.

@fahad9881 – A firefighter, posts videos of various fires he’s fighting as well as cute animal rescue videos.

@in_ga_me – A Ukrainian female motorbiker living in Kuwait. The account is of her and her Honda CBR cruising up and down the Gulf Road.

@kuwaitrescueteam1 – Account of a local rescue team and it’s mostly videos of them getting cars unstuck from sand.

@_7xvo – The account of a Al Qabas newspaper journalist, was pretty useful during the lockdown.

@gooshbaker – Guy posts videos of interesting places around Kuwait. Kinda like a blog but tiktok.

@x_dexter_x1 – This is an account of a Syria guy living in Kuwait who re-engineers everyday appliances or electronics but using random bits and pieces of scrap. Kinda like science projects.

@alsarheed82 – Account of a shawarma place owner, he posts videos of his shawarma.

@shahibwtayb – A odd old guy with a super long white beard who drives a bright green Camero and never wears the same sunglasses or hats twice.

@ismayeelrana – This guy is an employee at Alsarraf Motors and posts videos of the cars they have as well as of him driving them around like they’re his.

@amorsisilin – Probably the most popular account I follow and also the most tiktokish. Belongs to a 24-year-old Kuwaiti hybrid and the videos originally were mostly of her dancing to music around my neighborhood, but now it’s mostly just dancing with her friends in different places.

@venudancer..kuwait – Lots of super cheesy skits, so cheesy and lame to the point they become good. Stuff that’s so bad you save the video to show your friends. It’s in Indian (I think) with lots of terrible acting. It’s great.

If you have interesting/weird/fun local TikTok accounts I should follow, let me know in the comments.

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Sadiq leader speaks in hindi.

Venu speaks in Tamil & Hindi. Tamilian (and South Indian) comedy is just… Weird. It’s hard to describe. It also sometimes involves chapstick and they are very short and quick.

I think he purposely said Indian, because there are so many languages in India and there is no way a non native can figure out what is what. It’s not an offensive thing to say.

Hehe. We would then say “He spoke in an Indian language” – not Indian or British or Lebanese. Educated people have no excuse not to inform themselves every now and then especially about the world biggest democracy – borderline ends up making you sound like a certain president of a certain country due to be re-elected later this. Hilarious 🙂

Yours is one of the few blogs I follow in Kuwait. So it’s my ‘duty’ to while providing you and others enlightment, help create some controversy that can keep your readership up.😉

It’s all in good intent and hoping that you learn and improve as well. Just as I make sure I get your name right, I need to point out when you carelessly slip up. I see you haven’t fixed the language – either that you don’t care or don’t want to. But it matters to me because as I said I don’t speak British and you don’t speak Lebanese or Canadian. And yes I always have enough time to stay informed and support your blog. Thanks for posting my comments without editing them like you did once, makes you a good sport.

dude seriously – it’s a little bit ignorant to say ‘Indian’ is a language. I mean I know people who think that way and they are … pretty ignorant on the whole.

Do you guys hate your lives this much to come on here and bash people left and right just to make yourselves feel better?

Mark doesn’t know the difference between Telugu, Kannada and Hindi just like many Indians in India can’t differentiate between Arabic, Farsi, Swahili and Hebrew. (Trust me, I know)

In all seriousness, from my brief viewing of these accounts, not all of them are music-related (since this is how I look at TikTok, a better version of Vine). Which makes me wonder, why have a digital presence in TikTok when instagram is the obvious superior platform? Just wondering!

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