Parkour with Ladders

Post by Mark


Check out the energy drink commercial above then watch the video below which is a kind of making of.


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  1. sabah says:

    Cool video. Was reminded of Parkour yesterday while watching Cop Out. On another note, they used to sell this cartoned juice (I think KDD) in Kuwait before called something like Americana Guarana, and I loved that stuff. Is it still sold here?

  2. Frankom says:

    very skilled people ;/

  3. smoothy says:

    The music is better in the making than the actual ad

  4. BAJS says:

    Effin Awesome. Now thats some skill right there.

  5. StuckInThe80's says:


    I know what juice you’re talking about. It was from KDD and they had Pele in the ad campaign for that.

  6. L. says:

    the ladder must be heavy! thats all what i could think of watching the ad

  7. Those are some really cool crazy people!

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