Pictures from inside the Natural History Museum

Post by Mark

A few pictures have been uploaded online by the company fabricating some of the wildlife that will be placed inside the Natural History Museum at the soon to open Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre, and they look really really good.

The other day I said you could see what looks like a shark hanging on display while driving by on the Gulf Road, turns out its a primitive whale (a Basilosaurus, pictured above).

The Quetzalcoatlus pictured above even got featured in the November issue of National Geographic! [Link]

To check out some more photos, click [Here]

Thanks lovelykuwait

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  1. q80 says:

    This is so cool !!

  2. Kuwait says:

    @$#%&!! Is that Kuwait?

  3. lovelykuwait says:

    you’re welcome Mark :)

  4. safa says:

    cant wait. looks amazing

  5. adam says:

    i wonder how much will be the entrance?

  6. A Kuwaiti Lexicographer says:


  7. Buzz says:

    The kids will absolutely love this. When is the opening?

  8. 3azeez says:

    I think I just a little orgasm.

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