Kuwait Motor Town Race Circuit Progress

Post by Mark

Yesterday some drone photos of the Kuwait Motor Town race circuit were floating around on WhatsApp. Not sure why I didn’t think of going there and taking a drone photo of the circuit myself since Google Maps really hasn’t updated the view since construction started. These drone photos, on the other hand, show that a lot of progress has been made and that the hardest part of the construction, the paving of the track asphalt is basically done. You can also see the dragstrips in the photos as well as the grand stands under construction.

The first phase of the Kuwait Motor Town Race Circuit is targetted to open by the end of March, I’m hoping that’s still on track. I’m so excited!

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  1. lovelykuwait says:

    great photos

    they work hard day and night to target the completion date, can’t wait for the opening :)

  2. Sulaiman-COOKIEE says:

    I was literally looking for it on google maps yesterday

  3. adam says:

    how about entertainment city ? any drone pic (any updates?

  4. yts says:

    where is this?

  5. Joe says:

    Doing the track is easy, it is the surrounding infrastructure that is the hard and time consuming part.

    • Mark says:

      Not really, the track is the hardest part since it requires so much precision. Constructing buildings is easy. Check out this article for which talks about the paving of the Kuwait motor town track and the amount of precision and technology used during construction http://www.constructionweekonline.com/article-47036-site-visit-formula-1-racetrack-kuwait-motor-town/

      • Joe says:

        Aha so now you are an expert in race track engineering and construction as well?! Should have guessed it……… Let’s just say that I was involved in the construction of Sepang in Malaysia and the Dubai Autodrome and I know which are the easy and hard parts.

        On another note, I wished they could have prioritized re-paving the roads of Kuwait before paving a race track………

        • Mark says:

          I’m just sharing what I understood from the article, if you want to get into an architecture vs engineer discussion you’re gonna have to find one of those…

  6. Glasya says:

    “still on track.” pun didnt go unnoticed mark

  7. Jonathan Rowlands says:

    yeah the track is the easy bit but its doubtful we will see f1 rolling up in kuwait anytime soon

    • Mark says:

      i really don’t care if we don’t host the F1, MotoGp or anything, I just want the track for open track days.

      • Jonathan Rowlands says:

        yeah the track days will be fun but you know there will be a shit load of idiots in ten year old nissan patrols just driving on the limiter with the clutch down LMAO

  8. Khaled says:

    Apparently the phase that will be completed by mar h will be the drag part strictly.

  9. Ahmad says:

    The hardest thing is the technical backbone I think.

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